Alder Hey Children's Charity

Alder Hey Children's Charity

The brief

We were asked by Alder Hey to redesign the Alder Hey Children’s Charity website with the specific aims of making the site mobile responsive and increasing the number of donations they receive through the website.

The approach

We took the lead with the design of the project in order to improve the user experience around fundraising events and increase Alder Hey Children’s Charity’s online presence. We used Alder Hey’s original resources, including videos, testimonials and images and expanded on these to help us move forward and create the best possible customer journey.


We will measure the results from the CRO and the donations page. As a result of our clear and concise design we expect to see an increase in donations from the mobile responsive site and for more visitors to be driven to make a donation from the landing page which is now a prominent feature.

How we helped Alder Hey Children's Charity

How It Looks

The strong design of the Alder Hey website improves the user experience, increases general awareness of Alder Hey Children’s Charity and will ultimately drive donations through the website.

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Fully Responsive Website

Improved User Experience

Delivered Bespoke Event Calendar

Umbraco 7 Build

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