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Employee Engagement

Once you’ve found the talented people you need, it’s vital to keep them. Keep them happy, keep them motivated, keep them engaged and keep them productive.

Your employer brand has a big part to play in retention and needs to be regularly reviewed to make sure it is always strengthening the connection your employees have with you. 

Your current employees are your best advocates when it comes to finding people just like them and getting them to join you. They’re your ambassadors, and their recommendation to a contact or former colleague to join you is worth its weight in gold.

We work with you to uncover how to best engage with your employees, consulting with them to keep your employer brand relevant and representative of the culture and values at the heart of your business. 

Outputs include:

  • Employee workshops and surveys
  • Leaver surveys
  • Employee engagement strategies
  • Employee engagement campaigns
  • Employee referral campaigns

Need help with employee engagement?

As Defenders of Happiness, we bring clarity, focus, and diversity to our clients’ talent attraction activities. Because companies and people should always be happy, together.

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