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Okay, not that sort of engagement. But perhaps it’s worth considering your employees as being wed to your business - and avoiding an acrimonious separation at all costs!

Once you’ve found the people you need and brought them on board, it’s vital that you keep them. Working hard to maintain their happiness, motivation and productivity is a key part of your business success. And your employer brand can play a huge part in that. 

Your employee brand brings all your staff together under your banner. It drives a feeling of in-it-togetherness and family - and it should be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure it reflects how your staff think and feel about your company. In other words, your employee brand directly influences the employee experience — or your employees' perceptions about their experiences at your organisation.

What’s more - your employees are your best advocates when it comes to finding people just like them to join you. Happy staff members are great streams of talent coming your way. It’s a win-win.

Let's Talk Employee Engagement

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Improve Your Employee Engagement

Learn ways to hone in on your organisation's goals, measure success and implement tried and true tactics that lead to better engagement, morale and retention rates with our employer brand strategy sprint course!

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Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series

The Keys to a Positive Experience and Employee Retention

Employee experience has a significant impact on your business outcomes and bottom line. When employers invest time, effort and resources into improving the employee experience, your team feels more engaged, happy and accomplished. Ensure the people you rely on feel like they truly belong to your corporate family.

Happy employees tend to stick around longer — and it's no wonder they do. Employees who feel seen, heard, valued and appreciated tend to remain loyal to their employers and become natural brand ambassadors who attract other like-minded, talented candidates to your small or mid-sized enterprise (SME). Thus, a positive employee experience often results in higher retention rates.

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A Positive Employee Experience In Action

At its heart, a positive employee experience starts with ethical workplace practices, excellent leadership and growth opportunities that help employees thrive. Happy, engaged employees are focused, productive, collaborative and communicative. They are usually emotionally connected to your brand's mission and culture, often excelling professionally due to their commitment to your company's long-term goals.


Signs Your Organization Needs to Deploy Employee Engagement Tactics

Are your employees engaged and happy? Look for these indications you need to deploy new employee engagement tactics to boost workplace morale and satisfaction:

  • Your company doesn't have a defined culture: If your SME doesn't have a clearly defined brand identity or mission, your leadership team might find it challenging to lead by example and cultivate a positive, encouraging, focused workplace culture. 
  • You don't ask for your team's input or feedback: If your employees don't feel management hears their voices or understands their sentiments, they might not feel inclined to give their opinions and may disengage from projects completely.
  • Your organisation's leadership is not supportive: Excellent leadership is fundamental to employee engagement and productivity, meaning unsupportive, absent, disorganised or micromanaging leaders could make employees feel unmotivated or disengaged.
  • Your team lacks motivation or isn't productive: If your team's work quality isn't up to its usual standard or you've noticed a trend of new team members' productivity declining by the quarter, your company might lack benefits or incentives that would make them want to do their best work.
  • Your team doesn't want to partake in extracurriculars: Disengaged team members often pull away from company events, especially those that are non-essential. They might also be more absent than usual or have an openly negative attitude toward their work or work events.

How Ph.Creative Improves Employee Engagement and Experience

As a leading employee experience agency, our consultants specialise in improving employee engagement. We hone in on your goals, identify ways to measure success and implement tried and true tactics that lead to better engagement, morale and retention rates. These tactics could include defining your company's core values, creating incentive programs, implementing team-building activities and establishing employee wellness initiatives and team-building activities.

Our employee engagement consults partner with you to hand-select employee engagement tactics that will have the most impact on your organisation. 

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Our ‘Give and Get’ approach is now being used by multiple companies around the world and the book has become a global bestseller.

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