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Stats That Make a Watertight Case for Your Employer Brand Project

To convince senior leadership to buy-in to your Employer Brand project, do not go naked into the debating chamber. Arm yourselves with useful stats and counter arguments that will help get you over…

Employer Branding, Employee Value Proposition May 25 4 min read
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8 Leaders Break Down the Most Vital Thing They've Learned about Employer Branding

1. Charlotte Marshall, Author and Employer Brand Leader "Have you ever watched a movie and felt your heart racing or had to wipe tears from the corner of your eyes?

Employer Branding May 24 3 min read
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1 simple framework to Inspire your Workforce with Employer Branding

Many of you will be familiar with Simon Sinek and his renowned “Start with Why” video – it is still one of the most watched TedTalk’s of all time - but for those that aren't, Sinek is an author and…

Employer Branding May 24 3 min read
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01 How Do I Handle Negative Employee Reviews

How Do I Handle Negative Employee Reviews?

When last did you look over your employee reviews online? Even if you ignore them, know that potential and current employees are reading them. Reviews and ratings are a go-to research tool for…

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction May 23
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Why Employer Branding is the Cure for Leadership Burnout

Employees turning away from high-pressure work environments has been well-documented with a slew of 'Quiet This' and 'Quiet That'. But leaders can also find it hard...

Employer Branding, Wellbeing Initiatives, Quiet Quitting, Employee Value Proposition May 18 3 min read
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Entrepreneurship is on the Rise, Here’s How Employer Brand Leaders Can Take Advantage

The call to entrepreneurship has always been tempting. I mean, who hasn’t toyed with the idea of a hustle and grind, be-your-own-boss kind of lifestyle at least once in their career?

Employer Branding May 16 3 min read
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