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This 13-word analogy will make your Employer Brand more Likeable

This one question makes it stupidly easy for you to gauge whether your employer brand is doing what it’s supposed to do. Would you like to sit beside your employer brand at a dinner party?

Employer Branding Apr 08 3 min read
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Mariia Shalabaieva Nysdjvd2ayo Unsplash

How to become a strategic Jedi using AI prompts

Forget ChatGPT cheat sheets, crafting the right AI prompt can be an interesting and productive exercise in strategic thinking...

Employer Branding Apr 04 2 min read
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A Creative Director's Guide to Exceptional Employer Branding

We all love a great piece of creative work, don't we? Something that strikes a chord, makes us laugh, or presents things in a fresh way. Having worked in advertising, television, digital media and…

Employer Branding Apr 04
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Georgiana Pop Avram Gasj P0mblw Unsplash

How to Ignite Your CEO's Passion for Employer Branding

When tough times force organisations to make cuts, employer brand leaders often find themselves in the firing line. Any yet, we know their work is critical in solving key problems and supporting the…

Employer Branding Mar 27 3 min read
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Dragon's Den Star On how to add AI to Your Business

Dragon's Den star Piers Linney has launched a new AI project and shared his views on the future at a recent gathering of business leaders. Here he offers advice on adding AI to your organisation...

Employer Branding Mar 27 5 min read
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What Gen Z Talent Want and How to Give it to Them

Think you know what makes Gen Z tick? Athlete, writer, portfolio career consultant, and Gen Zer Charlie Rogers does, and recently revealed what motivates the youngest part of the workforce...

Employer Branding Mar 21 3 min read
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