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Hit the Sweet Spot with Your Employer Brand Positioning

A critical part of your employer brand strategy is positioning - the need to develop something that speaks directly to your identified talent audience. Finding that sweet spot is key...

Employer Branding Nov 01 2 min read
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Uncover Your Employer Brand DNA with the Right Research

Asking the right questions at the research stage and following them correctly will unlock the DNA  from which can be built an authentic employer brand and employee value proposition....

Employer Branding, Employer Branding Research Oct 31 2 min read
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The Ultimate Storytelling Structure for Job Descriptions

I’ve never met a recruiter who enjoyed writing job descriptions. And who can blame them? The process is bland, time consuming, and after all the hard work, you still end up with a copy-paste version…

Employer Branding Oct 25 3 min read
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World Employer Branding Day – the highlights package

If you didn’t make it to World Employer Branding Day in Amsterdam, we’ve put together a taster menu of this year’s conference, so you know what to expect when you definitely, definitely go next year…

Employer Branding Oct 25 3 min read
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Build an Army of Advocates Without Trying

Employee advocacy is the holy grail of employer branding. Getting your team to say good things about your organisation, however, is trickier than it should be. But there is a foolproof way...

Employer Branding Oct 19
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You're Overlooking the Fastest Growing Demographic in the Workforce

By 2030, 25 per cent of the female population will be menopausal, making this group the fastest growing demographic in the workforce. And yet, many women still don’t feel like they can ask for help,…

Employer Branding Oct 18
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