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The Three Rs

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Attracting and Retaining Talented Employees

The laws of attraction have long been a subject of intense debate, but there’s one surefire fact that we at Ph. know for certain.

To attract the right talent, you must put attractive material (the Right message) where that candidate is looking (the Right place), when they’re looking (the Right time).

Our innate understanding of this golden trinity, coupled with our extraordinarily high creative standards and multi-channel approach, makes us experts in this field.

Through a combination of social media, paid advertising, events, experiences, film and animation, we’ll get your message where it needs to be when it needs to be there and ensure it says what needs to be said. 

Our talent attraction campaigns ensure the right people hear — and act on — your message.

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The Three Rs of Talent Attraction

What do we mean when we say the right message, place and time? Learn more about the three Rs of a winning talent attraction strategy.


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The Right Message

The first step to developing a successful talent attraction strategy is to craft the right message. Your company has a unique culture and brand story. Telling that story in a a simple and authentic way will attract the best talent and repel those not suited for the role or your company's culture.

Build a talent attraction campaign that showcases your company's strengths, opportunities and benefits. Honestly articulate your company's desires, expectations and demands for candidates to communicate what working for your small or mid-size company is really like — all potential negatives included.

Though this approach might sound counterproductive, it's the key to hiring candidates who will thrive and not just survive within your SME. Your company's brand story and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) filter out unsuitable applicants. Once candidates know more about your company, they can determine whether the opportunity is the right fit for them.

At Ph.Creative, our talent acquisition and employer branding specialists learn about your company and translate your unique EVP through the power of creative storytelling and design. We also use your company's core values and unique selling points to create compelling brand stories that click with talent.

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The Right Place

The second key to finding the best candidates is to place your message strategically — or where your ideal candidates are most likely to see it. Where does your ideal candidate spend time online? Whether your perfect hire prefers LinkedIn or Glassdoor, we'll help you find them with effective job ad placements. 

Our talent strategy team at Ph.Creative uses a multichannel marketing approach to advertise your company's internal and external job postings. From job boards to social recruiting, we can promote your job postings across several platforms to grab and hold the attention of the most qualified talent.

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The Right Time

Having the right message in the right place is essential. However, timing is also key to ensuring candidates see your posting or talent attraction campaign. Job seekers are most active from Monday through Wednesday. Searches tend to drop off from Thursday through Saturday. Likewise, applicants are more motivated in the last few months of the year, resulting in more new hires around the New Year. 

We recommend launching your campaign in advance if you expect the talent attraction and acquisition process to be lengthy. When you work with Ph.Creative, our talent acquisition specialists will use data and analytics to determine the most effective time to post your job listings and launch your campaigns.

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3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Company Needs Help With Talent Acquisition

Attracting the right talent is easier with the experts. Here are three tell-tale signs your SME needs help with developing a compelling talent acquisition strategy:

  • Your company has an outdated or inaccurate EVP: An incorrect or obsolete EVP attracts the wrong talent, often resulting in employee dissatisfaction and a higher turnover rate.
  • You have a one-size-fits-all approach to recruiting: A one-size-fits-all recruiting method won't adequately articulate your company's long-term goals or objectives by department or role, nor will it set you apart from your competitors for individual applicants.
  • Your company has a high turnover rate: A high turnover rate could indicate you've miscommunicated your demands and expectations for the job or employees are dissatisfied with your company culture. 

The Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is about so much more than attracting qualified talent. It's about finding candidates who live and breathe your company culture. Ideally, their values, skills and professional goals will align with your company's to create a lifelong job match. Recruitment marketing strategies help you find, market to and hire these candidates.

If employers hire candidates who are truly passionate about their company brand and mission, the company and its employees thrive. Recruitment marketing helps you find the best employees while saving time, money and resources during the hiring process. You also hire candidates who believe in your brand and want to see it succeed.

It’s a noisy old world out there.

Let our creative and strategy teams give you a little more insight into our approach to standing out and thriving.

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