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Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series

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We all love a good story… but what’s the value in sharing the narrative of your business honestly and compellingly? You’ve already worked hard to build and grow your consumer brand - isn’t your hard-earned reputation enough?

Short answer: no.

An employer brand attracts and retains the talent that you, as a business, need to succeed. It paints a truthful picture of what it’s like to work there... warts and all!

That’s pretty powerful. Because now, more than ever, success in business is reliant on a mutual fit between employers and employees. Your employer brand opens a truthful dialogue with the right people for you. It lets you share the Give and Get of your company - what do employees need to bring to the table, and what can they expect in return? 

Your employer brand is fundamental to staff collegiality, successful recruitment (of the right people!), and ever-increasing retention rates. It is the single most important element of modern-day business - and, here at Ph., it’s our speciality.

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Built on truth.

Take a peek at some of our Phamily’s thoughts on why employer brand is so universally vital to modern-day business.

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At Ph. Creative, we live by our creed as Defenders of Happiness. We’re bringing career happiness to hundreds of thousands of employees, and, in turn, their employers. And we’d love to do the same for you and your organization.

Happiness and business don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Get in touch, and see how we can help today.

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