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Candidate Experience

Right-swipe the right talent.

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Undercooked meal at a restaurant? Never go back.

Boring date? Delete their number.

Bad candidate experience? Look elsewhere.

Today’s world is fueled by online reviews, comparison sites and recommendations based on personal experience. This doesn’t just apply to recreation but to recruitment, too. Candidates are more able to pick and choose their own career paths than ever before. And a bad application experience isn’t just irksome to them - it’s offensive. 

That’s why an incredible candidate experience is vital. Every touchpoint matters hugely, and because candidates are often customers, too, you’re aiming for a seamless right-swipe rather than a 1-star review. That first-class experience you need is where Ph. steps in.

Let's Talk Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience
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The Key Elements of the Candidate Experience

A candidate's experience is similar to the buyer's journey. Before a candidate is sold on your company, they go through several pre-application phases — awareness, consideration and interest. Once interested, they must undergo the application and selection process. If selected, they'll progress through the hiring and onboarding phases.

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The Importance of a Positive Candidate Experience

How you treat applicants during the hiring process has a ripple effect. A poor candidate experience could impact how candidates feel as customers of your brand, resulting in a negative brand perception. In other words, a poor candidate experience could jade a once-loyal brand ambassador, turning them off your company entirely and affecting your reputation.

A positive, mapped-out candidate experience — regardless of a job offer — leaves a candidate feeling encouraged and inspired. Applicants you don't hire may even reapply when they're more qualified. Plus, a positive candidate experience leaves your brand image fully intact.

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3 Warning Signs Your Organization Needs a Candidate Experience Overhaul

If you're questioning whether your small to mid-size enterprise (SME) needs a candidate experience overhaul, look for these indicators: 

  • Your company receives negative reviews from past job seekers: Former candidates take to forums to tell others how drawn out, complicated or bad their candidate experience was.
  • Candidates reject your job offers left and right: If candidates frequently withdraw themselves from the selection process or reject your job offers, something may be amiss with your SME's candidate experience. 
  • The candidate experience is too complex or drawn out: A candidate experience that is complicated or drawn out might turn off a job seeker, regardless of whether they believe they're a good match.
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How Ph.Creative Improves Your Brand's Candidate Experience

At Ph.Creative, our candidate experience consultants develop custom candidate experience strategies that bring focus, clarity and diversity to every touchpoint of your organisation's candidate experience. We make the talent match-making process personal, practical and positive for all parties involved. Why shouldn't it be? We're Defenders of Happiness, after all. 

We create candidate personas that inform how we map out a candidate journey that speaks directly to the qualified talent that would be a good match for your company. Once we've identified your target candidate's needs, we design a candidate journey framework that answers their questions and concerns while articulating your company's brand story and EVP. We also help you optimise your career website and eliminate application barriers so the candidate experience is rave-worthy and leaves a lasting positive brand impression every time.

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Breathe your values.

Our strategy team’s got the low-down on why all elements of a candidate experience are worth paying attention to.

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At Ph.Creative, we live by our creed as Defenders of Happiness. We’re bringing career happiness to hundreds of thousands of employees and, in turn, their employers. And we’d love to do the same for you and your organisation.

Happiness and business don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Get in touch, and see how we can help today.

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