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Candidate Experience

Right-swipe the right talent.

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Undercooked meal at a restaurant? Never go back.

Boring date? Delete their number.

Bad candidate experience? Look elsewhere.

Today’s world is fueled by online reviews, comparison sites, and recommendations based on personal experience. This doesn’t just apply to recreation, but to recruitment, too. Candidates are more able to pick and choose their own career paths than ever before. And a bad application experience isn’t just irksome to them - it’s offensive. 

That’s why an incredible candidate experience is vital. Every touchpoint matters hugely, and, because candidates are often customers too, you’re aiming for a seamless right-swipe, rather than a 1-star review. That first-class experience you need is where Ph. steps in.

Candidate Experience
Candidate Experience work created for Virgin Media

Breathe your values.

Our strategy team’s got the low-down on why all elements of a candidate experience are worth paying attention to.

So how does Ph. achieve a stellar candidate experience?

We spend a lot of time getting to know you and your candidates, so we understand the kind of journey we need to present. Eradicating pain points and making the experience as seamless as possible is our mission - and it’s a mission we’ve delivered on hundreds of times before.

Persona and empathy mapping and validation

Candidate experience mapping and validation

Candidate experience storyboarding, storytelling, and design

Internal validation and iteration

Shall we see each other again?

At Ph. Creative, we live by our creed as Defenders of Happiness. We’re bringing career happiness to hundreds of thousands of employees, and, in turn, their employers. And we’d love to do the same for you and your organization.

Happiness and business don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Get in touch, and see how we can help today.

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