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Candidate Experience

Finding the right talent isn’t easy. Candidates are able to pick and choose their career path more than ever before.

Your recruitment process influences the overall candidate and customer experience and determines the public perception of who you are and what you do.

That’s why great candidate experience is vital. Every touchpoint of your candidate experience matters, and, because candidates are often customers too, there’s a ton of benefits in making your candidate experience as good as it can be.

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By taking the time to understand your needs and those of your candidates,  we use our extensive experience and expertise to help refine and improve every step of the candidate journey.

Outputs include:

  • Persona and empathy mapping and validation
  • Candidate experience mapping and validation
  • Candidate experience storyboarding, storytelling, and design
  • Internal validation and iteration

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As Defenders of Happiness, we bring clarity, focus, and diversity to our clients’ talent attraction activities. Because companies and people should always be happy, together.

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