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DEI – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Create a better space for everyone, where voices are heard and people feel they belong.

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A diverse and inclusive workforce is a real asset and, in some organisations, vital to success. By employing people from a range of ages, backgrounds, cultures, and genders, you gain a wealth of experiences and ideas. But how do you tap into a wider pool of talent in a way that’s sensitive, appropriate and doesn’t feel like a box ticking exercise?

DEI Done Right

The key is to make it personal and tailored to the diverse talent you want to attract and then nurture. It’s about understanding the problem (why you can’t attract a diverse workforce), understanding the audience (why candidates are not applying), then creating a totally unique approach to solve those problems.

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We wove the diversity of EQRx’s people into a beautiful physical and digital tapestry

The Benefits of a Diverse, Inclusive Workforce

A diverse, inclusive workforce can enrich your company culture and help you excel in problem-solving, decision-making and innovation. A diverse workforce also leads to better engagement from employees, so everyone feels valued and heard. Companies with employees who feel understood and appreciated usually experience less turnover. 

We all have limited perspectives that inform how we overcome challenges and resolve issues, which is why diverse workforces are known for their unique problem-solving capabilities and inclination for innovation. The more perspectives you add to the conversation, the easier it is to create systems and solutions that are productive and beneficial for all. 

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Signs Your Company Needs Help Attracting Diverse Employees

These signs indicate that your company might need help creating a diverse and inclusive workforce:

  • Your company does not currently have a diverse workforce: A lack of workforce diversity might indicate inherent biases built into your talent management process. A DEI recruitment strategy can equip you to prioritise cultural diversity during the recruiting process.
  • Your current employees are less engaged: A lack of engagement from employees might indicate they feel excluded or underrepresented in essential projects. They might also feel like they do not belong.
  • Your employees have a lower Workforce Happiness Index score: 2021 SurveyMonkey Poll reported that those who believe their company isn't prioritising diversity, equity and inclusion had a WorkForce Happiness Index score of 63. This rating is significantly lower than the average score of 72.

How Ph.Creative Helps You Attract Diverse Talent

We're Defenders of Happiness at Ph.Creative. Our specialists help you build a more inclusive workforce that attracts diverse candidates, engages your employees and promotes happiness for all — regardless of age, gender, skin colour, religion or any other demographic. 

How do we do that? We develop custom DEI recruitment strategies that reflect your brand's goals, priorities and values. By creating a DEI recruitment strategy that supports your diversity attraction goals, your recruiters can attract and engage a diverse, talented candidate pool. The right plan should inspire candidates to show up as their authentic selves.

Still, inclusivity is about more than attracting diverse talent. We help you develop and implement an inclusive company culture that makes all employees feel understood, appreciated and represented so they can truly thrive. With proper DEI and leadership training programs, your employees will feel equipped to share their perspectives and talent with your team and stick with your company long-term.


Learn How to Attract Diverse Talent

If you need help creating a diverse and inclusive workforce or implementing cultural diversity in your recruiting process, book your place at an upcoming employer brand strategy sprint!

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Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series

We help thoughtful companies bring DEI into the heart of their business

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Create a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce With Ph.Creative

If you need help creating a diverse and inclusive workforce or implementing cultural diversity in your recruiting process, Ph.Creative is here to help. Reach out to our talent acquisition professionals today to get started or learn more about our DEI services.

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