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Recruitment Marketing

The Power of Recruitment Marketing Services for your Organisation

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These days, candidates are picky about employers — and rightfully so. Employees want to feel happy, valued and settled in a role and company that suits them personally and professionally. For this reason, employers must advertise the advantages of working for their company and accurately articulate its unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to attract and engage qualified talent.

Recruitment marketing comprises several strategies to promote working for a specific employer. Developing a recruitment marketing campaign aims to attract, engage, recruit, hire and retain qualified talent though an improved candidate and employer matchmaking process. Brand awareness, social engagement and reputation management are at the heart of recruitment marketing.

The Elements of a Successful Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Recruiting is all about filling job vacancies. However, recruitment marketing is the process of attracting qualified talent to employers. Employers must craft a compelling brand story demonstrating their companies' goals, values and benefits. Communicating these advantages attracts talented, like-minded applicants that will thrive in their work environments and company cultures. Simply put, recruitment marketing consultants help you repel the unqualified many and attract the right few. 

Unlike traditional recruiting, where a single job posting is advertised across several job boards to attract applicants, recruitment marketing encompasses several content marketing strategies across various social and marketing channels. These content and social media marketing campaigns ultimately help businesses improve brand awareness, generate followers and attract qualified talent leads.

The elements of a successful recruitment marketing strategy include a magnetic brand story, an attractive EVP, compelling content and ads and a mapped-out candidate journey. Recruitment marketing experts usually use an all-inclusive recruitment marketing platform to manage marketing materials and plans instead of an applicant management system.

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The Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

Like consumers read reviews for a product or service before buying, job seekers often research a company before applying — sometimes extensively so. They might read company reviews on Glassdoor or scroll through the employer's social media accounts to get a feel for their brand values and company culture. Either way, applicants are doing their homework.

After a candidate becomes aware of an employer and learns more about the company's benefits, goals, mission and culture, they can decide whether the opportunity aligns with their values, skills and professional goals. If candidates like what they see and have decided they might be a good match based on the organisation's content and social media marketing, they can apply for the position. 

Since the application and hiring processes are time-consuming, recruitment marketing benefits candidates and employers. However, this strategy benefits employers by helping them: 

  • Craft a compelling brand story and build brand awareness online.
  • Attract job candidates that are also a good match with the company.
  • Save time, money and resources by interviewing qualified candidates.
  • Target qualified candidates using social media and recruitment software.
  • Use marketing data and analytic insights to inform their hiring decisions.
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3 Signs It's Time to Refresh Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

If you think your recruitment marketing strategy needs a refresh, it probably does. Here are three signs it's time to revamp your approach:

  • Your company doesn't have a defined marketing approach or EVP: To find the best-matched talent, you must know and be able to communicate what your company stands for and who you need. Pinpoint your company's long-term goals to hire talent that supports those goals and your company's unique mission.
  • Your business doesn't have a compelling brand story: Without a brand story, it's challenging to connect with like-minded talent that will thrive in your company's work environment and culture. Your brand story should attract candidates who believe your company is the best place to grow personally and professionally.
  • The candidate experience is impersonal and lacklustre: Candidates want to feel like more than a number. They want to feel seen and heard from the get-go. Companies must offer a personalised, engaging candidate experience every time — from application to onboarding and every step in between.

How Ph.Creative Develops Recruitment Marketing Solutions

Bring clarity, focus and diversity to your recruitment marketing activities with Ph.Creative. We're a leading recruitment marketing agency specialising in crafting compelling brand stories, rave-worthy candidate experiences and effective recruitment marketing strategies. 

Our recruitment marketing consultants use qualitative and quantitative data to drive recruitment marketing decision-making, helping you get the right message in front of top talent at the right time — every time. Our recruitment marketing services make the once time-consuming talent matchmaking process straightforward and easy. 

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about our global recruitment marketing strategy services. 

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