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Case Study

BT Enlists Our Support in Recruiting 310 Graduate Positions


Client Name: BT Talent Attraction

Services: Talent Attraction, Candidate Experience

Award: On Rec 2017

Award: EBMA 2018

How Ph.Creative Helped BT Develop a Talent Attraction Strategy

About BT

BT has been evolving, developing and driving innovation for over 170 years. Millions rely on BT every single day to live their lives and run their businesses. 

BT services and solutions power industry, fuel innovation, deliver information and opinion across the world. It even helps people find something relaxing to watch on television at the end of a long day, too. 


Despite being one of the world’s biggest brands, BT needed help to compete for the attention of recent graduates looking to take their first big step on the employment ladder. 

There was a perception problem. BT was not as appealing to graduates
as other companies in the technology and communications sector. It wasn’t a destination employer.

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Mobile First Content Strategy

BT asked us to help fill 310 graduate positions across different areas of the business. It wanted to give candidates a realistic experience of BT working life and right any wrong perceptions candidates might have picked up about the business. 

We devised and delivered a campaign of rich, engaging content across web, film, social media and live events. “Let’s Create The Future” set out to reframe BT’s appeal as a graduate employer and encourage high-quality candidates to apply.

Listening to Our Audience

Our research revealed that target personas accessed content mostly via their mobile phones, so naturally we built the new BT graduate careers website utilising a “mobile first” strategy. 

Similarly, because of our insights, it made sense not to produce a printed brochure for campus events. 

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Executing BT's Talent Attraction

Instead, we loaded up the new website with campaign content and creative outputs, to provide a treasure trove of advice and information about BT graduate programmes and job roles. An infographic called ‘Why BT?’ provided potential candidates with relevant information on why BT would be a good choice for their career, without overwhelming them. 

Video played a big role on the website and across social BT’s social channels. Animations and culture explainer videos, using current BT graduate employees, gave a real insight into BT working life and were shared extensively. 

Encouraging Curiosity

We set up a competition to encourage users to visit BT’s Facebook page, view a 360-degree image titled “Decode This” and register on a purpose-built micro site. 

Making Things Memorable

Turning our attention to university recruitment events, we wanted BT‘s presence to resonate and leave a lasting memory. So, we created a 360-video that tracked a day in the life of a graduate. To make the experience richer and more memorable, we designed cardboard Google VR Headsets to bring the film to life.

The results

We attracted the right people

  • All 310 positions were filled with high-quality talent
  • 597 candidates attended  an Assessment Centre
  • 7 in 9 graduates interviewed were offered a position
  • 449 met the benchmark  

We helped to change perceptions. 88% of candidates rated BT at an 8 or higher when asked if they would recommend BT as an employer.

We helped cut the time to recruit. Graduate applications were at capacity 4 weeks ahead of schedule

We boosted engagement. During the campaign there was a significant spike in BT’s social media engagement.

  • 62% increase in page engagement
  • 275% increase in page impressions
  • 43% increase in overall interaction

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