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Case Study

A Winning Formula for a Leading Multinational Sports Betting Provider

How we Helped Tipico Develop its Employer Brand and Recruitment Website

The Client

Tipico is a sports betting operator, founded in 2004, with a multichannel approach - online, mobile and a retail franchise network of 1,250 betting shops in Germany and Austria. Its employee base spans several countries and cultures, with an HQ in Malta, and offices in Germany, Gibraltar, Croatia, Colombia, and Austria.

The Challenge

The Tipico consumer brand is very dark, tense and masculine – and didn’t reflect the candidates they were trying to recruit. So, it needed an Employer Brand that attracted a wider range of people, conveyed its values, and authentically told the Tipico story – internally to unify silo teams, and externally for better talent attraction.

It also wanted to produce a new careers website that would tell the story of the new employer brand and deliver a seamless application process, demonstrating  its market leading credentials.

The Research

We took the time to gather insights and truths that would allow us to build our story from the inside out, ensuring it was human, authentic, and most importantly, landed well.

Speaking  to employees across key locations to get a sense of any local nuances, and ultimately striving to unify silo teams, we paid particular attention to the threads that unified employees.

The Idea

The overall themes and tensions were distilled and directed into the Employer Brand strategy and framework.

As an overarching idea we took ‘We Maximise Spannung’ from the consumer brand and evolved it into ‘We maximise Spannung in the world of sports betting’. It was an important evolution, as it played to the strengths of the well-known consumer brand, while adding a new dimension, allowing us to pull back the curtain to reveal the production team behind the cultural entity.

The Work

Mapping key talent personas across pro-tech, bookmaking, online, retail and business, we used the detailed personas and insights to build an Employer Brand around them, based on their varying needs, motivations, pain points and EVP.

This meant we could be far more efficient, focused and targeted in how we spoke to those profiles.

Our positioning statement of ‘We maximise Spannung in the world of sports betting’ captured the very essence of the energy and drive we were trying to communicate and was the perfect vehicle to drive our communications forward.

As part of the external activation, we completely overhauled the careers website into a slick, engaging, responsive and exciting shop window into the Tipico brand.

The results

  • 3,000 applications
  • 800 new users
  • Low bounce rate – 20-40%
  • NPS of 7.2, a big increase from the previous careers website

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