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Do you know your Employer Brand Positioning?

Employer brand positioning is essential to winning an unfair share of the best talent out there, but have you got yours right?...

Employer Branding, Brand Authenticity Oct 27 3 min read
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7 Storytelling Rules from a Four-Time Oscar-Winner

Telling the story of your employer brand in a way that grips your audience is vital to recruitment success. Who better to advise than one of America’s greatest stage and screen writers?…

Employer Branding, Brand Authenticity, Talent Attraction Oct 27 2 min read
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How Pay Transparency Makes a Clear Case for Strong Employer Branding

In a highly competitive labour market, where companies are looking for key differentiators to stand out from their competition, those advocating for pay transparency could be at an advantage.

Employer Branding Oct 27 4 min read
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How a Great Job Description Page Attracts Talent Like a Magnet

A good job description page is vital for converting the right candidates for your vacancies. Learn how to enhance yours with great content and analysis tools...

Talent Attraction, Career Sites Oct 20 3 min read
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This New Hiring Tactic is Driving Away Top Talent

"Catfishing" is designed to reel in top talent but they're not taking the bait... In recruiting, you’re always wary of having the wool pulled over your eyes by a candidate. Do they really have the…

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction, Brand Authenticity Oct 20 3 min read
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Want a Unique Employee Value Proposition? Get those Tears Flowing

Crafting an EVP that is unique from your talent competitors and creates real impact means uncovering the emotional truth of working at an organisation. And for that, you need to dig deep...

Employer Branding Oct 13 3 min read
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