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How Job Preference Trends Impact Employer Branding

So-called "lazy girl jobs" have caused much chin stroking among recruitment sector commentators of late. Is it more evidence of a malaise among young workers or is there something else at play?...

Employer Branding Aug 23 4 min read
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01 How To Create An Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy

How To Create an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy

You can use your employer brand to attract top talent to your organization using well-designed recruitment marketing strategies. Click to learn how.

Talent Attraction Aug 17
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Got Employee stories? Try this 3-Part Storytelling Framework

World-renowned screenwriting lecturer, story consultant, and the author Robert McKee said, “If our brains are hardware, then story is the software we run to make sense of the world.”

Employer Branding Aug 16 2 min read
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When it comes to Employer Branding - Make it Personal

People are your only competitive advantage, and failure to recruit a workforce aligned with your culture and purpose will undermine every other investment you make...

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction Aug 16 2 min read
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01 What Is Recruitment Marketing

What Is Recruitment Marketing?

What is recruitment marketing? And how can it provide you with a competitive edge? Upgrade your hiring strategy with recruitment marketing with Ph.Creative!

Talent Attraction Aug 16
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01 How Does Employer Branding Differ From Corporate Branding

How Does Employer Branding Differ From Corporate Branding?

How does employer branding differ from corporate branding? Discover how a strong strategy includes both. Improve your employer brand with Ph.Creative today!

Employer Branding Aug 15
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