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3 Awesome Employer Brand Storytelling Examples

Storytelling is your best buddy when it comes to connecting with your talent audience. Great stories showcase your culture, team and values in a way that is up to 22 times more memorable than facts...

Employer Branding May 02 2 min read
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2 Simple Storytelling Frameworks to Hook Anyone's Attention

We all love a good yarn, don’t we? And great stories are right up there with public nudity and cats versus cucumber vids when it comes to capturing everyone’s attention.

Employer Branding Apr 26 3 min read
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5 Clever Ways to Measure your Employer Reputation

For an Employer Brand to be fully effective, measurement is vital and there are key metrics you can use. Gauging your reputation as an employer is trickier. But there are ways..

Employer Branding, Brand Authenticity, Employer Brand Metrics Apr 25 2 min read
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Missed the Employee Engagement Summit? Here's some Highlights...

Didn’t make it to this year’s Employee Engagement Summit? We did. And we would hate for you experience FOMO, so here’s the skinny...

Employer Branding, Talent Retention, Wellbeing Initiatives, Employee Value Proposition, Learning and Development, Talent Attraction, Brand Authenticity Apr 20 4 min read
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ChatGPT in Employer Branding: What You Need to Know

Generative AI has been the talk of town recently. Whether it’s busy winning a photography competition with an artificially generated image, or assisting an ER doctor with diagnosing patients, it’s…

Employer Branding Apr 20 3 min read
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How to Create Shareholder Value with Employer Branding 

When making a case for Employer Branding investment, among the many ROIs (Return on Investment) you can point to, do not ignore the potential positive impact of EB on share value… 

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction, Brand Authenticity, Talent Retention Apr 13 2 min read
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