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Uncover Your Employer Brand DNA with the Right Research

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Asking the right questions at the research stage and following them correctly will unlock the DNA  from which to build an authentic employer brand and employee value proposition....

What makes your organisation truly unique? What does it really take to thrive in your culture? Why do employees join, stay, and feel proud to be part of what you do?

Laser targeting questions at the research stage and accompanying them with the right follow ups will form the foundational truth on which to build an authentic employer brand and employee value proposition.

Powerful questions reveal powerful truths.

When building or evolving an employer brand, research is foundational. But simply asking employees broad questions via surveys won’t unearth your authentic brand DNA. You need well thought out questions that dig deeper into motivations, adversities, capabilities and passions.

Start with these impactful research questions and strategic follow-ups:

If it was your job to dissuade people from joining, and you couldn't lie, what would you say?

This reveals the harsh realities of the employee experience. Follow up by asking about the coping capabilities and traits needed to overcome challenges and thrive. Uncover sources of pride and passion.


What is the biggest reason people leave?

Compare this to reasons employees don’t expect when joining. It highlights potential gaps between expectations and realities. Follow up by exploring essentials for satisfaction and retention.


What strong character traits do you see all around you here? And what do you admire most?

People often project their own admired strengths onto others. Follow up by digging into the capabilities and traits that allow employees to cope and succeed.


When people first start, how do you quickly determine if they have what it takes to thrive?

Look for consistently mentioned traits and skills needed to excel. Follow up by probing deeper into the employee experience and culture.


What’s the difference between why you joined and why you stay?

This helps recalibrate employer brand priorities. Reasons for joining are often superficial perks. Reasons for staying reveal deeper meaning and fulfilment. Lead with those.

What makes you proud and passionate about your work?

Pride signals achievement, impact, capability development and overcoming challenges. Follow up by digging into stories that demonstrate purpose, belonging and resilience.

Effective research unlocks your authentic employer brand DNA. But generic questions yield generic answers. Thoughtfully crafted questions - paired with strategic follow-up - reveal motivations, culture, and meaning. Your brand story lies in the details. Master the art of the follow-up, and let truth guide your employer brand.



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