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Top 8 Creators for Workplace-focused Content

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Trawling through bland content to get to the good stuff - who has the time? From thought leaders posting on LinkedIn to Gen Z influencers on TikTok, there's no shortage of personalities and publications tossing their two cents in to the conversation around work. 

So, we've cut through the noise.

Whether you're interested in remote work research, recruiting news, HR comedy skits, or no-BS career advice, here are some interesting creators worth keeping up with.

1. Anti-work Girl Boss (Instagram + TikTok) 

The Queen of Quiet Quitting, Gabrielle Judge started out posting videos on the notably popular #careertok, which led to her coining the term “Lazy Girl Jobs”.

Clearly striking a chord with her audience, the term quickly went viral, and, ever since, Judge has continued to encourage women to prioritise work-life balance over the grind through her content.

According to Judge, “Job hopping is the new raise and work life balance is the new standard.”

With over 170k followers on TikTok, she’s worth keeping up with to understand what the younger generations want from the workplace.

2. Adam Grant - (LinkedIn)

Adam Grant needs no introduction, but we’ll do one anyway. He’s an organisational psychologist, number one New York Times bestselling author and a TED podcast host.

His thought-provoking content on increasing productivity at work, dealing with impostor syndrome, creativity and much more, is guaranteed to change how you think about work.

Wanna know the 19-word sentence that will make any employee more receptive to constructive criticism? Grant’s got you covered.

3. Hung Lee – (Newsletter) Recruiting Brainfood

Hung Lee is probably the number one go-to guy for the TA community across Europe.

As curator of Recruiting Brainfood, the weekly newsletter with “more signal, less noise”, he shares news, predictions, research and cool tools, to keep talent professionals in the loop.

If you’re interested in AI, employer branding and the future of work, you can’t go wrong with this publication.

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4. Nick Bloom (X | LinkedIn)

Nick Bloom is a Stanford Economics Professor who specialises in research on working from home.

As the big RTO debate continues, it's worth following him as he unpacks the latest stats on remote and hybrid work and what they mean for the future.

Did you know, for example, that latest Oxford research shows remote collaboration increases innovation

Nick Bloom does.

5. Humorous HR – (Instagram)

Relatable and comedic observations about the workplace, along with a little motivation to get you through, Humorous HR is a must follow.

Aside from the laughs, these posts are a great way to get a glimpse of employees’ experiences, and the frustrations they're facing.

Check out this skit on corporate jargon.

6. Lauren Spearman – (TikTok)

Sharing her thoughts on everything from salary transparency to candidate experience, Lauren Spearman is “passionate about making the workplace a better place.”

And when it comes to critiquing brands for poor behaviour towards candidates, she doesn’t mince her words. 

Want an example?

In this clip, she condemns Gymshark’s demoralizing feedback style.

7. Chad and Cheese – (Podcast)

“Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast.”

Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are bringing insight (and a little drama) to the recruiting world by covering breaking news and its implications. 

With plenty of jokes, bold opinions and their trademark snark, this is an industry pod that won’t have you nodding off.


Their latest episode covers the NYT versus OpenAI legal battle.

8. TLDR Marketing - (Newsletter)

Employer branding goes hand in hand with marketing, and this newsletter promises to make you a better marketer in just 5 minutes... what more could you ask?

It has tons of trends, tactics, tools and quick links to get you feeling inspired, without eating up your time. 

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