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Case Study

Our Nationwide Revamp

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Client Name: Nationwide Jobs SEO

How Ph.Creative Helped Nationwide Develop a Talent Attraction Strategy Through SEO and a Careers Site.

The Brief

Nationwide came to us for a world-class employment and careers presence, to help them attract the right talent to their operations within the Banking and Financial Services industry.

They wished to reduce their reliance on temporary agency staff, as well as achieve major financial savings on cost-per-hire and the time and resources spent on recruitment of temporary agency workers.

It was important to them that they deliver high-quality candidates to the business across six key business divisions, resulting in excess of 4,500 hires per year!

That’s a lot of people. We knew we had to get moving.

The Client

Nationwide had never relied on SEO as part of their recruitment strategy. Instead of using SEO to get seen by the right candidates, historically they had instead spent a huge amount every month on job boards and programmatic to attract candidates and increase visibility of their careers website. This had led to a cost of over £3,000 per hire!

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The Execution

We provided a site that acted as a central hub and talent pipeline to directly attract new potential candidates to seek employment with Nationwide. Of course, it was imperative that the site worked with their employer brand, and delivered an engaging and outstanding candidate experience that matched Nationwide’s brand values.

We also implemented a stellar SEO strategy, which focused on increasing the number of visits that the site received, but also ensured that once on the website, candidates could navigate easily to their desired role and apply. This activity was keenly tracked for further analysis to understand how candidates were reaching us using heat mapping and A/B testing.

The results

The results were phenomenal.

  • We reduced overall cost per hire from £3,000 to £69.74 within 12 months.
  • We increased organic traffic for call center roles by 425% in just one year.
  • We increased website engagement by 303% when comparing year-on-year data.
  • We reduced bounce rate by 41% year-on-year.

We have remained Nationwide’s SEO provider, and, when comparing the 12 months to the previous year, we have continued to grow their search presence in Google significantly (by 37%), and reduce their reliance on the need to use job boards to advertise their roles.

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