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Client Name: Magellan Healthcare SEO

Services: Recruitment Marketing

We devised a visibility strategy to complement an award-winning employer brand for Magellan.

The Brief

Whilst we were completing an award-winning Employer Brand for Magellan, our SEO team was busy putting together a watertight strategy in the background. This would ensure the brand strategy was activated correctly in search, and bring in relevant candidates to the newly built careers website.

The Client

Magellan had struggled to rank well in Google for their advertised roles in the past, and historically had spent a lot of their marketing budget on job boards and paid campaigns to try and gain visibility in an extremely competitive marketplace.
This reliance had led to complete neglect of their SEO and search visibility in Google over the years, so, for us, it was almost like starting on a brand new website!

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The Execution

In terms of SEO, there were 3 key areas that we wanted to address after reviewing their existing search presence:

  1. Increasing Magellan’s visibility for non-brand keywords in Google search
  2. Improve Magellan’s long-tail keyword rankings, as they specialized in remote healthcare jobs in specific regions
  3. Increase Magellan’s overall organic presence in Google to help drive more relevant applications through the website

After conducting initial audits and checks, we put together a full on-page and technical SEO strategy, which would optimize the more generic keywords that Magellan wanted to appear in Google, and at the same time work to activate their Employer Brand (which was nearing completion).

The on-page and technical SEO optimization allowed us to really target keywords with volume, which our client was currently paying a fortune for via job boards and paid campaigns. We also focused our strategy on ensuring that Magellan was ranking well in Google for long-tail keywords with good search volume and user intent.

Magellan had specific recruitment needs in a number of locations, so we increased the amount of useful on-page content throughout the website to cater for candidates wanting to find out more, but also for the search engines to ensure they also knew the roles and locations which were important to Magellan.

We incorporated category pages into the site as part of the SEO campaign with existing employee stories, and content was designed and created to assist with the experience once candidates arrived on the website. This served to really double-down on the employer brand messaging and paint a truthful, enticing picture of working at Magellan.

The results

The results were astonishing.

In terms of keyword rankings, we achieved a 1000% increase in the number of non-brand keywords on the 1st page of Google over the first 12 months. This led to a 68% increase in organic users when comparing year-on-year stats.

In terms of traffic, we have seen:

  • A 68.61% increase, year-on-year, in organic users (8,112 vs 4,811)
  • A 62.90% increase, year-on-year, in organic “new users” (6,788 vs 4,167)
  • A 74.14% increase, year-on-year, in organic sessions (11,657 vs 6,694)

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