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Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series


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Case Study

Kickstarting careers with the Royal Bank of Scotland

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Client Name: RBS Talent Attraction

Services: Talent Attraction, Candidate Experience

Award: Social Recruitment Strategy - FIRM 2019

How Ph.Creative Helped RBS Develop a Talent Attraction Strategy

The Brief

The Royal Bank of Scotland has been operating since 1727. Today, RBS and its brands are made up of hundreds of past banks that serve an estimated 18.9 million customers worldwide. 

Despite RBS’s position in the market, it needed assistance in attracting the best and most suitable talent for its roles. This meant understanding the brand’s target candidates, which in this case was Generation Z.

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The Creative

RBS asked us to assist with its digital attraction strategy, specifically the early careers model that was aimed at interns, apprentices and graduates. Our goal was to drive candidates to RBS’s careers pathways.

In order to achieve this, we needed to create content that would show RBS’s ability to offer a fulfilling career to candidates. The early careers programme would offer candidates permanent roles, if they met the required performance standards.

Through a comprehensive research analysis, we discovered a key insight: strong stories that fuse personality with diverse messaging resonated best with RBS’s different target personas. These can be fun, quirky or serious, depending on the nature of the message.

Our key themes to convey in content included:

  • Varity
  • Innovation
  • Inclusion
  • Support
  • Opportunity

Insights on social media showed that platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook had no character limit. Yet, shorter posts drove greater engagement. On Twitter, we knew to aim for 100-character posts with images, as this maximised performance. 

The Execution

To deliver a compelling solution, we created an online journey that used social media platforms to allow the audience to explore all the pathways offered by RBS. The design was youthful and relevant. 

We focused on graduates who didn’t know what career paths to take or how best to use their degree. So, we included success stories from current RBS graduates. 

In addition, we developed visually engaging images for Instagram that re-directed the user to the application link in the bio. 

Infographics were used as a simpler way of explaining RBS’s application process to interns and grads. 

The use of video, which featured interviews with current RBS graduates, was incorporated and shared on Facebook and LinkedIn. These videos were well received by future applicants as a method of persuasion and further understanding.

The results

Facebook KPI breakdown

  • 5,020,042 reach
  • 217 Link clicks
  • 123,254 video views
  • 408 reactions, likes, comments and shares 
  • 4.72% engagement

Post competitions have performed well. They spiked in terms of engagement as well as reach in total.

Twitter KPI breakdown

  • 2,600,000 impressions 
  • 11 replies
  • 56.2k link clicks
  • 1.09% engagement

RBS joining in on ‘#GradHour’ is working well and allowing it to reach new users in the relevant areas. Recent results are showing great engagement in terms of likes and retweets, because it is using the right language.

Instagram KPI breakdown

  • 841engaged users
  • 4.42% engagement rate/post
  • 10.64% engagement/post
  • 354.85% engagement/post
  • 79 posts

The lifestyle type photos taken of the team are exactly what potential candidates want to see.  A good talent attraction strategy is showing less professional and fun looking photos.

LinkedIn KPI breakdown

  • 335,791 total followers
  • 150 posts
  • 10,829 organic likes
  • 710 paid likes
  • 859,956 paid impressions
  • 32,785 organic clicks 
  • 5,526 paid clicks
  • 5,326,450 organic impressions

The use of quote images from team members has worked really well in terms of engagement, alongside the content being posted of all the charity work RBS are doing around the world.

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