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Case Study

Getting Candidates In The Zone… DAZN, that is!

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Client Name: DAZN Careers Website

Services: Careers Website, Talent Attraction

How Ph.Creative Helped DAZN Build a careers website.

The brief

As DAZN expanded into new territories to make their mark on a global scale, they required a website to further cement the messaging of their employer brand and EVP. This would truly unite their workforce, as well as showcase the incredible opportunities on offer as DAZN expanded out across the globe. There was a specific need for streamlined, efficient recruitment - putting the right people into the right roles, fast.

The Client

As an aspiring, premier subscription sports streaming service, DAZN was a simple start-up in 2015, but in the space of 4 years had grown to encompass over 2,500 employees - truly astonishing growth, but to be expected in this digital world. However, they needed to add a further 1,000 employees to the team in 2019, filling key development hubs within locations with no existing brand presence, facilities, or employees.

It had the potential to be a bumpy ride… so DAZN partnered up with Ph.Creative to provide a smooth solution.

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The Execution

We built a smooth and sleek careers website that truly connected with DAZN’s potential candidates. It showcased their existing employer brand to offer applicants an insightful view into life working at DAZN, and also had tools to help them visualize the team, office, and location they could potentially be working in!

We filmed hundreds of DAZN employees across the world, creating a suite of authentic, engaging and emotive content for users to enjoy. We tried to pre-empt potential candidates’ questions, giving them information on where to hang out, where to eat, how to get around… so they could truly understand the DAZN experience but also the experience of working abroad before they applied.

The site we created was responsive, optimized for mobile experience and loaded up with on-brand content. A focus for us was creating an environment where finding, engaging with, and applying for a role was super-simple - so we developed functions like “Saved Jobs” and “related jobs”, mapped relevant images to job pages, and even integrated the DAZN Instagram careers feed and blog - all creating an incredibly rich visualization of life at DAZN.

The results

Since the launch of the site, we have seen exceptional results which speak to the site’s effectiveness:

  • 46% of DAZN hires now come through their careers site (a huge increase on their old platform which delivered only 17%!)
  • They have received 24,000 applications
  • They have over 90,000 visits to the site per calendar month (tripling their old site’s performance).

Thanks to the metrics reporting we have provided, DAZN’s recruitment team now review performance on a weekly basis, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions that affect their business processes and outputs.



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