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Best Examples of Employer Brand Videos

To keep abreast with the wants and needs of current talent, organisations increasingly have to find fresh, innovative ways to attract newcomers. Many are turning their attention to the power of video…

Employer Branding Feb 09 2 min read
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Why Great Employer Branding is Only for the Brave

If you want to develop world-class employer branding based on authenticity and truth you will need to be brave. It's not easy, but put these principles into practice and you will get there...

Employer Branding, Measuring Employer Brand, Employer Branding Research Feb 02 2 min read
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Don’t forget to click ‘Like’ in your Employer Brand

Likeability within a brand is under-rated because, simply put, brands that people like, perform better. Finding a way to emotionally connect with your audience is essential…

Employer Branding, Brand Authenticity Feb 02 2 min read
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Integrating Cultural Drivers into Employer Branding Strategies

Continually relying on your company’s prestige to do the talking in your employer brand is a sure way to fall behind the curve. Here’s how to find a genuine and meaningful position in the market.

Employer Branding, Brand Authenticity Feb 01 4 min read
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How to Create an Employer Brand for Today and Tomorrow

A strong employer brand should reflect the reality of how an organisation is, not merely what it wants to be. But it can also compel candidates with a vision of the future. Here’s how…

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction, Talent Retention Jan 26 3 min read
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How to Write an Effective Employer Brand Tagline

You know that short phrase that lives at the top of your careers site? Yes, it matters. Your employer brand tagline should distil the essence of your employer brand into a few well-chosen and…

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction Jan 25 2 min read
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