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The 2022 Podcast Rewind

Aside from brightening up your shower, laundry folding, workout or daily commute, podcasts have a way of energising the mind with fresh ideas. Looking to improve your leadership and broaden your…

Employer Branding Dec 21 2 min read
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5 Ways to Boost Talent Retention in 2023

As many employers double down on their retention efforts amid economic instability, here are our top recommendations to keep your best people. 1. Internal mobility

Employer Branding Dec 21 3 min read
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It's Nearly 2023, What Should we be Worrying About?

With 2022 staggering over the line, what does the next 12 months hold in store for companies looking to attract and retain the best talent in an ever-changing employment landscape?..

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction, Brand Authenticity Dec 15
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11 Tech Tools Everyone will be Using in 2023

As technology for businesses continues to evolve, harness the power of the latest tools to enhance projects and streamline your workflow in 2023. 1. Magic Eraser

Employer Branding Dec 14 3 min read
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The Race to Retain Top Talent is On

The global economic downturn and the threat of a recession is triggering a new era in the talent industry, with retention perhaps more important than ever... As financial conditions worsen, more…

Employer Branding Dec 14 2 min read
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How Your Employer Brand is Your Best Friend in a Crisis

The cost of living crisis is testing businesses in many ways right now, but it doesn't mean casting aside your employer brand. When change is happening it will be an asset...

Employer Branding, Brand Authenticity Dec 08
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