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The Crucial Role of Learning and Development in Employer Branding

Nikos Foros, Employer Branding Solutions Lead at Athens-based online recruiter Kariera talks about a key advantage in the war for talent…

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction, Employer Branding Research, Talent Retention, Learning and Development Mar 02 4 min read
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4 Social Media Mistakes that Hurt your Employer Brand

Did you know that 79% of job seekers used social media in their job search in 2022? LinkedIn, for obvious reasons, is a hotbed for talent, with 40 million people using it to search for jobs every…

Employer Branding Feb 27 2 min read
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How to get Former Employees to Build Your Reputation

Your alumni experience is the most important and powerful means of building and maintaining a sustainable reputation as an employer over a long period of time...

Employer Branding, Talent Retention, Career Sites Feb 21 3 min read
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58% of Employees will Quit Soon if you don’t Share this…

Your organisation’s attitude matters. From its stance on cultural drivers like sustainability and ethical practice, or more granularly, its approach to work-life balance, wellbeing and social engageme

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction Feb 21 2 min read
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01 What Are Some Best Practices For Managing Employer Branding

What are Some Best Practices for Managing Employer Branding?

So you've developed your employer brand. Now what? From understanding your current employees to outlining future initiatives, you'll need to cover many different areas. You've come to the right place!

Employer Branding Feb 16
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Facebook What Job Seekers Look For

What Are Job Seekers Looking for in an Employer in 2023?

If you've paid attention to the headlines, you know the job market looks slightly different today. The chaos of the pandemic has caused many people to reevaluate their priorities and look for…

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction Feb 16
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