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#28 Getting Back to Customer Centricity with Brian Solis

Getting Back to Customer Centricity with Brian SolisFor this week’s episode of Getting Goosebumps, I had the chance to chat to Brian Solis. Brian’s the principal analyst at Altimeter Group and a sought after keynote speaker. He’s an expert at leading brands and start-ups to develop their digital transformation!

Also a talented writer, Brian runs a leading business and marketing blog. He’s also the author of several books, including his latest book X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.

People want experiences

As the main focus of his latest book, Brian shares his knowledge on the great economic impact of customer ‘experiences’. He shares why people are willing to spend more with a company that they actually believe in. People care about each stage of their interaction with a brand. So, ensuring each step of the journey offers the audience value is essential.

With that in mind, we take a look at the brands really investing their time in developing the ‘experience’ customers have each time they interact. There’s a lot to learn from those getting it right!

Getting back to customer centricity

Are we really customer centric? We discuss how cognitive bias gets in the way of true customer centricity.

As the digital world keeps advancing, Brian shares how to keep up with the game and make sure everything we do resonates with today’s customer, not yesterday’s customer.

The power of empathy

Ultimately, we should be asking customers how they feel. We cover the power of empathy and why we need to show that we care.

As Brian puts it, we need to be marrying technology with human emotion! 

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