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Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series


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#45 Telling your employer brand story with Lars Schmidt

Telling your employer brand story with Lars SchmidtOn this weeks episode of Getting Goosebumps I will be talking to founder and principal of Amplified Talent, Lars Schmidt. Lars is an expert in intersecting culture, talent and brands and has a background in developing innovative strategies at NPR. He is also the Co-founder of HROS – a platform designed to bring an open sourced approach to HR & Recruitment.

How recruitment has evolved

We look at the way recruitment has evolved from its typically transactional functioning, to a more candidate centric approach. Lars enlightens us into becoming the pioneer of the first cultural hashtag. He emphasizes how today job seekers are consumers and are much savvier.

The difference between authentic and manufactured

Lars describes the most authentic types of employer branding. He discusses how he finds audio the most compelling and intimate medium for expressing a story, along with social platforms such as Instagram that convey a truly authentic employer brand.

Talent attraction and repulsion

We delve deeper into the authenticity of an employer brand being illustrated effectively through attracting and repelling. A buried balance of employer branding that only focuses on the positives can appear disingenuous. Lars talks translucency – giving people enough insight into your organisation in order to make informed decisions premised on authenticity.

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