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Questions to Ask in Employer Brand Research Workshops

Asking these questions at the research stage will form the foundational truth on which to build an authentic employer brand and EVP...

Employer Branding, Brand Authenticity Jul 14
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Culture HQ Promo 2

The App That Can Revolutionize Your Storytelling

We talk with Brian Vigeant of Culture HQ to discuss how storytelling is the future of smart talent attraction.

Employer Branding, Operations, Career Sites, Talent Attraction Jul 07
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Copywriter - woman stands in front of balloons

Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Employer Brand and Lock-In Engagement

When activating your employer brand, it is important to make an emotional connection to win hearts and minds.

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction, Operations Jul 07
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Crypto Winter

Surviving the Crypto Winter with Strong Employer Branding

The collapse in value of cryptocurrencies must be met with employer branding expertise to insulate yourself through the crypto winter.

Employer Branding, Operations, Talent Attraction Jul 07
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Roe V Wade 1 1

Why Employer Branding Just Became a Matter of Life and Death

The change in US abortion law is forcing companies to choose sides, making employer branding a vital part of that process..

Employer Branding, Talent Attraction, Brand Authenticity Jun 30
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Why Ubuntu Might Hold the Cheat Code for Your Employer Brand

There’s much to be learnt from workplace cultures around the world. Could these concepts benefit employer brands, and do they have international appeal?

Employer Branding, Operations, Talent Attraction Jun 30
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