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Top 5 Employer Branding Examples

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Consumer brand reputation is everything - and that goes for your employer branding too. If you really want to stand out to candidates, good employer branding can be used to change perceptions of working for your business. And in a competitive recruitment climate, standing out is the best way to get ahead of the competition.

Want to discover some of the best employer branding examples? Ready to boost your own employer branding? Read on to find out more. 

What is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is all about how the outside world perceives your business as an employer. To attract the best talent, you’ll want to influence and manage your reputation to those candidates interested in working for you. Creating a strong employer brand is the best way to achieve this. Use it to your advantage to become an employer of choice and a brand job seekers want to work for.

Just as marketing attracts new customers to your business, employer branding will help your business to connect with talent. Think of it as marketing for your HR division. Employer branding assists with recruitment by telling job seekers who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer.

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Best Employer Brand Examples

But what exactly makes a strong employer brand? Here’s our take on the top employer brands and some of the strategies they use:


McKinsey enjoys a reputation as a serious and effective launch pad for growing careers. The employer branding concept of being a ‘career catalyst’ helps position McKinsey as a stepping stone for people wanting to pursue a career with bigger companies like Google. It uses the power of its alumni to illustrate success stories of working for the business. In order to position itself as a desirable place to work, it has:

  • Doubled the investment in its in-house recruitment when compared with its competitors
  • Supported much higher investment in its alumni than others in the sector
  • Used clever recruitment advertising to attract its ideal target talent
  • Built-up a reputation for offering exceptional learning and development

Thanks to these efforts, 11% of McKinsey’s website traffic is employment and job-related. By influencing the perception of the employer brand, McKinsey has built an enviable employer reputation that instils trust, reliability and opportunity for growth.


As a premium consumer brand with a top-tier department store, Harrods has created a strong employer brand. Recently, it reached out to its alumni to offer exclusive invite-only access to a LinkedIn group for Harrods, ‘Forever Green & Gold’. Inside the group, users are encouraged to share stories from their experiences of working for the brand. It has even been used to help target staff to boomerang back into the business.

By inviting past employees to share their stories, Harrods has reminded people of and reinforced its excellence as a career catalyst, helping people to take a step onto a career ladder that is rewarding and enjoyable.


Building a campaign around culture, BT focussed on its security division, with the concept ‘we are the protectors’ used as an onboarding campaign for new recruits. From a digital escape room and virtual zoom backgrounds to swag kits with all the equipment they needed for their welcome, BT created a culture of inclusion, enjoyment and celebration.

Company culture is defined as a collection of constantly repeated behaviours that embody brand and employee values. To entice applicants, BT has created a culture that is considerate of employee wellbeing, helps to build relationships and supports overall job satisfaction.


Natwest promotes an always-on culture by using social media content to sell a narrative on roles, teams and culture. By making the most of user-generated content, Natwest has developed a sense of authenticity around recruitment and staff experiences, painting a picture of what candidates can expect from working there.


Having undergone a successful rebrand, Entain has applied the role of purpose and translated that into citizenship. It has promoted a sense of family among its staff by creating a united group with a sense of belonging. Entain has amalgamated several brands by uniting staff under the cultural banner of ‘For the Good of Entertainment’. Launching a new website for recruitment, Entain saw phenomenal growth in visits to the site, job applications, and candidate conversion rates.

  • During the first month after launch, the site had 84,000 visits
  • There was a 14% increase in site visits overall
  • Since the launch, Entain has received 19,427 job applications…
  • … with an average conversion rate of 18%
  • 91% of unique job application page views resulted in a completed application

Employer Branding Consulting

At Ph.Creative, we specialise in employer branding consulting. We’ll help you share your brand story authentically and compellingly, by creating a strategy to amplify the success of your employer brand recruitment. Sharing your narrative is vital if you want to engage with new talent and make them feel excited about joining your team.

Best of all, you don’t have to go it alone. We’ll analyse what your employer brand needs to get the results your business deserves. Our employer branding consultancy and services range from initial assessment and strategy to impactful actions that will generate results.

Ensure your employer brand is as great as your consumer brand. Build a reputation that guarantees your story is seen, heard and felt.

Sign up for our employer brand sprint course to find out how you can bring your employer brand to life.

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