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Getting your story straight

Chapter 1: Resources

Welcome to the resources page for chapter 1: Getting your story straight.

Here you’ll find everything you need to accompany the first chapter of Getting Goosebumps. This chapter focuses on defining your brand values and how to align your strategy with them.

Brand values printable diagram

Download and print your own brand values diagram to fill in yourself below.

Featured tools


This online system collects anonymous feedback from employees, creating a barometer of happiness in your organisation. You can choose pre-written questions or create your own, so you can delve into how much your team understands your vision and values.

The Feedback Matrix

The real impact of feedback, positive or negative, comes in the manner you respond to it – or indeed if you choose to respond at all. First ask yourself ‘what can I do with this criticism/compliment?’ Create and plot feedback on a matrix divided into four sections: advice, compliments, criticism and suggestions, then decide what advice to follow, what to ignore and what should drive you to take action.

Recommended reading


Stephen Lundin

This management parable, set in the fishmongers at Seattle's Pike Place Market, sees protagonist Mary Jane Ramirez tasked with turning around her company's failing operations department. This book is designed to help find a way to create a fun, happy work place, where employees live and breathe the company’s vision and values.

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Creativity Inc.

Ed Cartmull

As much a history of Pixar as management book, this is a definitive guide to building a creative business. Cartmull’s storytelling takes us through his journey to connect the many specific tasks his employees perform with Pixar’s wider business objectives, driving his team to create such animated classics as Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

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Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Simon Sinek

This book outlines the ‘Golden Circle’ – the ‘how?’, ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ It advocates starting every business, project or campaign by asking ‘why?’ first. That way, you establish the reason for asking your audience for their loyalty.

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Download our SMART objectives marketing goals template with our list of resources from the second chapter of Getting Goosebumps, "The Right Direction".

Download Here: Brand Value Guidelines ebook

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