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How to use Data to Smash your Recruitment Goals

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Trying to build an effective recruitment campaign without the right data is like trying to play lacrosse with a plastic spork – you probably shouldn't bother.

When it comes to seeing proper results from your campaign efforts - the kind that leave your key stakeholders beaming - every decision should be propped up by a solid bed of research.

That’s why when Ph. Creative worked with Church & Dwight to build a talent pipeline, we left no statistical stone unturned.

But exactly what data should you be collecting? And how do you crunch the numbers into your best next steps?

This case study will show you how you can use data to prime your decision-making for maximum impact.

The business:

Since 1846, Church & Dwight has been making products that millions across the globe use, love and rely on.

The organisation owns some of America’s most recognisable brands, such as Batiste (for keeping your locks looking fresh), Nair (for waxing them off) and Trojan (for… well, you get the idea.)

The problem:

Plant Operatives are essential for the smooth functioning of supply chains.

But Church & Dwight was having difficulty filling these roles due to competition from big players like Walmart and Amazon.

People didn't necessarily associate the organisation's name with their beloved brands and keyword research showed that people were not searching for jobs at its plants.

This led to a shortage of Plant Operatives that affected timelines, deadlines, and the well-being of current employees.

The objective:

So, Church & Dwight partnered with Ph. Creative to develop a recruitment campaign with two main goals:

1. To raise brand awareness for Church & Dwight’s talent brand using smart decisions across digital channels.

2. To support the increase in pipeline of plant operative candidates in selected plant locations by 30 percent.

The retention of current plant employees was a secondary objective of the campaign. By investing in modern and effective recruitment methods, Church & Dwight aimed to show commitment to its employees and increase their pride in working for the brand.

The research

We conducted extensive external research on plant operative audiences, using census data, external desk-based research, and external interviews with plant operatives to paint a strong picture of where plant operatives “hang out” and how we could make Church and Dwight an employer of choice.

This research allowed the team to understand the primary career motivators for warehouse operatives such as training opportunities, job security, pay and incentive plans, fringe benefits and recognition, and opportunities for promotion.

The approach

From research, we know that it takes candidates six to eight touchpoints before they consider applying to a role.

We used a blend of organic and paid social advertising to take users on a structured journey across Organic Social, SEO, PPC and Spotify that was tailored to the specific needs and motivations of their target audience. Every leg of the process was carefully considered and backed up with research.

We wove diversity and inclusion into all our efforts. Our Spotify adverts, for example, used local dialect across genders. And since research showed us that two of our campaign locations had a higher percentage population of Hispanic workers, we used a Hispanic actress for one of our ad sets to better engage with this community.

Through this bespoke digital journey, the team was able to raise awareness of the Church & Dwight talent brand while helping talent to make an informed choice.

How did it go?

This strategy was highly effective, just take a look at the results.

Across the various recruitment marketing strategies used, the campaign achieved impressive stats. With over 3.5 million impressions, a 5.59% CTR, and a 54% increase in organic social reach, the campaign was highly effective at raising brand awareness.

The campaign also saw a 241% increase in SEO "near me" keyword searches, a 702% increase in audience across social channels, and a 78.6% keyword increase since the start of the campaign.

Plus, results exceeded stakeholders' expectations, including a 9:1 direct view job to apply ratio and 171 applications compared to only 16 applications in the previous three months.

So now you know...

By conducting comprehensive research, developing a unique recruitment marketing campaign, and using a targeted digital journey, Church and Dwight's talent campaign delivered results that left stakeholders impressed.

We've submitted the work for a "Best Use of Data" award at the EMBA's - cross your digits for us.

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