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The Anatomy of an Award-Winning Employee Engagement Campaign

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Lois Payne Lois Payne



Employer Branding

Last week, with the help of Ph.Creative, BT bagged the award for the “Best Employee Engagment” campaign at the RAD awards, which champion the very best in recruitment marketing and employer branding.

But what exactly does an award-winning campaign look like? Let’s breakdown the blueprint that led BT to success.

The Problem

It’s no secret that the UK is suffering from a serious skills shortage and it's hitting cyber security hard. There's currently a shortfall of 3.5 million cyber security jobs around the world, but the threats on BT’s network continue to grow.

BT needed to find a way to fill its cyber security roles fast, while maintaining its commitment to finding and supporting diverse talent.

The Concept

BT would partner with CAPSLOCK, an award-winning Cyber Bootcamp Reskilling provider, to develop a pipeline of diverse talent from existing employees within BT.

This would open doors for folks who couldn't see an obvious way into a security career. People with different skillsets, backgrounds, and ages would be welcomed - no prior technical or cyber security knowledge was needed to apply.

Employees interested in reskilling into a cyber security role would complete a 117-day intensive course with CAPSLOCK, which would develop their skills and guarantee them a new role in BT’s cyber security division.

How did it go?

- There were 200 internal applications and 30 places on offer.

- Successful candidates mainly came from call centre, non-technical and non-managerial roles.

- With the help of Ph., BT documented the programme in a digital video series titled “117 Days to become Protectors” which aligned with BT’s Security Employer Brand, “We are the Protectors”.

The series followed the highs and lows of the process for the candidates in an authentic way, so that future trainees would understand the difficulties involved.

There was no sugar-coating. Course members mention being ‘exhausted’ and reference the intensity of the training, but they also highlight their excitement and the support from their teams.

Watch the first episode of the series below:

But how did it all turn out?

The Outcome

Well, all 30 participants passed the course and have been offered positions in BT’s security division.

Oh… and BT bagged a sweet RAD award, of course.

So, there you have it. A behind-the-scenes look at the strategy behind an award-winning internal mobility campaign. 

And while recognition through a shiny trophy is always nice, BT achieved something much more precious with this campaign – a proven way to secure and futureproof its talent pipeline for one of its most impactful divisions, all while improving diversity and supporting the employees it already has.

Not bad, eh?

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