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Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series


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AI For Employer Brand: 6 Tools You Should Be Using


Location: Zoom

Speaker: Bryan Adams


Status: Ended

Sorry, this event has ended...

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webinar : 13 Dec : EB & TA Leaders
6 AI tools you should be using

13 December 2023
8 PM GMT / 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST
60 minutes

Unlock the future of efficiency with our exclusive webinar, "AI For Employer Brand: 6 Tools You Should Be Using," hosted by Ph.Creative and HappyDance, CEO and Founder, Bryan Adams. Tailored for forward-thinking EB, HR, and TA leaders, this event is your gateway to elevated productivity, cost reduction, and expansive scalability. Our curated selection of cutting-edge tools covers a spectrum of capabilities. Dive into the realm of AI-generated content creation, seamlessly integrated chat interfaces, collaborative code assistance, powerful data analytics, and innovative virtual environments.

Join us for a dynamic session, revealing the transformative potential within each tool. Be inspired by the possibilities and embrace innovation today, as we guide you through the tools shaping the future of work. Elevate your strategies, streamline processes, and harness the true power of AI.

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“I passionately believe that most brands fail to communicate the true value of their people and culture. Our employer branding agency exists to help organizations to define who they are and communicate why people should care.”

Bryan Adams
- CEO & Founder
Bryan Adams

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