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Use this Plan to Transform Employees Into Your Best Recruiters

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Employer Branding, Talent Attraction

ROI with employer branding starts with the people you already have within your organisation. So, start by re-recruiting them.

In the war for talent, trying to gain some inches on your competition can be difficult and expensive. But, actually, the answer is right in front of you.

If you want to attract the best talent to your organisation, start with the people you already have.

If you invest now in existing internal talent, it gets much easier to find new recruits later down the line. Return on investment with employer branding starts with the people you already have within your organisation. So, start by re-recruiting them.

If you take good care of your current employees and provide them with a great work experience, they will become advocates for your company. They will share positive word-of-mouth stories, provide authentic testimonials, and help attract future job candidates.

They are the real advantage over your competitors.

This "inside-out" approach to employer branding starts by identifying what matters most to your existing employees. Conduct surveys and focus groups to understand what your people value, what motivates them, and what enhancements could improve their day-to-day work life. Are they seeking more flexibility? Do they want opportunities for career development and growth? Would they appreciate increased recognition and rewards?

Identify what really matters to employees and you are halfway there.

Once you pinpoint areas for improvement, take action to implement appropriate perks, policies, and other programs. For example, you could offer flexible scheduling, remote work options, and generous holiday time to provide better work-life balance.

Build clear paths for advancement through skills training, learning and development programs, and offer tuition reimbursement. Or revamp your recognition initiatives to make sure top performers feel valued and appreciated. Everyone needs a pat on the back. And it is especially effective if it comes from their peers.

When rolling out this type of talent investment, communicate openly and honestly with employees. Transparency is key to building trust and getting buy-in. Clearly explain what's in it for them and how the new perks and offerings will directly benefit them to make their work experience better.

Satisfied Employees Become Advocates

Beyond referrals, satisfied employees will serve as brand ambassadors who boost your employer reputation in other ways too. For example, they will leave positive reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed to help attract candidates.

Whether you like it or not, your company will appear on review sites, so it’s vital that your workplace experience is a positive one that encourages advocacy.

Engaged employees will highlight your company's unique perks and culture on social media. They'll proudly don the company swag and share updates from internal events that showcase your culture.

And when it comes time for interviewing and onboarding future hires, your fulfilled employees will help sell the role and reinforce your employee value proposition in an authentic way that really resonates. Who better than actual employees to convey why your company is a great place to work?

The numbers don't lie - investing in your current talent pays off in stronger employer branding and recruiting results. According to a 2021 Gallup study, companies with high employee engagement had 31% less turnover than companies with low engagement levels, correlating strongly with investment in company culture.

It’s a provable return on investment too. A 2022 Training Industry Report found that companies offering comprehensive training had 24% higher profit margins and 21% higher productivity than those with limited training.

Alumni Programs Encourage Ongoing Advocacy

Even talent that has moved on can be incredibly powerful as advocates for your organisation. Employee alumni pogrammes are a great way to encourage genuine feedback and keep former employees onside with ongoing offers and other perks.

As an example, Deloitte’s Alumni Network has over 300,000 members globally, and provides networking, career resources, and volunteer opportunities.  PwC offers alumni access to mentors, job boards, and member-only events and has more than 280,000 members who advocate for the company.

Keeping former employees onside can even inspire them to boomerang back to you, and former employees are reportedly 50% cheaper to re-hire than new recruits in relation to the cost of onboarding them.

When it comes to attracting and hiring quality talent, the proof is in the pudding. You can tout how you’re “more like a family" in your recruitment marketing all you want, and it might hold some credibility, but nothing beats having a workforce of genuinely happy and engaged employees doing it for you.

Take care of your people, defend their happiness, and you build a solid foundation for employer branding success.

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