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The Next Normal of Employer Brand 5



The Next Normal Video Series

The Next Normal Of Employer Brand

Welcome to this new weekly video series on “The Next Normal” of employer brand, by Bryan Adams and Dave Hazlehurst of employer brand agency, Ph.Creative. We’ll be sharing some cool content that we as an agency are interested in, and also some content that you lot as a community are driving. We hope you find our views and take on the industry just as interesting - and unusual - as we do.

In episode five, Dave and Bryan discuss…

The Next Normal of Employer Brand 5

High Turnover Roles

For the likes of retail and hospitality, these are typically classed as high turnover roles, during COVID19 some have been essential workers and the non-essential roles have been furloughed or sadly been cut due to lockdown restrictions. The healthcare sector, those on the frontline who are classed as essential and undoubtedly heroes, have been affected massively and another example where pre-pandemic, seen as high turnover. Could this be changing now because of where we all are and how things have escalated? 

For this to happen there’s an argument to say the directive has to come from the companies and how the organization itself perceives that talent, will these essential and key-workers of COVID19 be more valued and appreciated? 

With some high turnover roles, if organizations work harder you can start to benefit from the investment, commitment and dedication, and the passion that is then developed for roles that were once regarded as high turnover but with a little more investment into these people who are your brand ambassadors, that can change.

You can start by setting expectations of the role correctly and from the beginning, target more willing and less transient candidates. There's an opportunity now to restrategize, other personas and market differently and completely change the employee experience to give the people more reason to stay. 

The impact of this pandemic might see companies start to market the value of what these people bring to recognise and reward it good companies will do this and market to attract talent and perhaps to change the consumer perception of who they are as well. 

There could be harsh realities within an organization that they don't know about, nevermind doing something about them! The hidden harsh realities could impact turnover- people burning out quickly, and also affect the offboarding of employees who were on short, flexible contracts who you've invested to train up but due to leave. Your alumni are these people, the ones you should remain friends with and ensure their experience wasn't a bad one, where hopefully they come back.

Identifying hidden harsh realities starts with listening and talking with your people, don't typically ask for the positives. The big issues affecting your people might be a small fixable problem for your company. 

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