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The Blueprint for an Inspiring Employer Brand Activation

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Employer Branding

In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, a strong employer brand is the key differentiator. But what exactly does a creative and innovative EB activation look like?

Ph.Creative recently collaborated with medical device company Intuitive to pioneer strategies that not only communicate its brand internally, but also immerse employees in an experience that resonates, engages, and endures.

Intuitive's internal activation case study serves as inspiration for organisations aiming to enhance their employer brand. Here are the key elements which led to a successful project.

1. Wall of Thanks - Celebrating Pillars

We tend to think of internal activation as a one-way street of communication, but if you can come up with something that people want to participate in, you’ll maximise engagement and impact.

That’s why Intuitive introduced the "Wall of Thanks," an innovative celebration of employees that embody a characteristic outlined in the company's pillars. Rather than pushing information, this approach pulled employees into learning about the pillars in a space of gratitude.

After it was launched, the engagement was phenomenal. Overnight there were more than 500 nominations from around the world.

The transition from a digital platform to physical spaces like the cafeteria elevated the desire to participate.

2. Culture Quiz and Social Cards - Gamifying Learning

To embed the brand into the everyday work experience, Intuitive introduced a culture quiz.

A branded HTML email encouraged employees to discover their unique cultural contributions through a fun quiz, without explicitly instructing them to learn about the new employer brand.

The quiz generated personalised social cards with a unique combination of icons, which told employees about their unique identity and contribution within the company. The gamified approach not only enhanced engagement and made rolling out the new pillars a breeze, it also showcased the company's commitment to dynamism and innovation.

3. Claw Machine - Bringing the Brand to Life

For Intuitive, a company pioneering in robotic assisted surgery, a robotic claw machine felt like a fun and fitting device to add to an event.

And people loved it.

Th arcade-style game, filled with employer-branded swag, turned heads and had employees queuing out the door to have a turn (and queuing up again if they didn’t succeed the first time.)

The investment in the claw machine proved to be a repeatable and impactful way to infuse the brand into the workspace.

Everybody loves swag, but it’s even better if you can make people work for it. Make them get in there and have a little fun, play with the brand and the purpose of your company.

If you have a competitive workforce, it’s a great opportunity to get people talking.

4. Onboarding – Integration from the Off

Intuitive recognised the importance of seamlessly immersing new hires into the company culture and values from day one.

A personalised onboarding map, accompanied by a branded email, allowed self-directed onboarding with an element of surprise and delight.

The interactive map, which changed colour as users went through and completed tasks, provided a great user experience, while the incorporation of celebrations, like confetti for anniversaries, reinforced a culture of continuous growth.

It was received well, and after receiving feedback from employees of longer tenure that they would also find the tool useful, Intuitive has plans to extend it beyond the first year of the employee journey.

Key Takeaways:

1. Weave the Red Thread: The employer brand should be intertwined with various HR programs, creating a seamless and consistent experience.

2. Iterate as You Go: Flexibility and a commitment to improvement are crucial. Some activations will always be a bit of a gamble – you can never fully predict how employees will respond. So, don’t expect to, or worry about, getting things perfect first time. Think, "We reserve the right to get smarter as we go."

3. Make It Fun: It has been crucial for Intuitive’s successful activation. Gamify learning, infuse joy into the process, and create experiences that employees genuinely want to be part of.

So there you have it. Intuitive's journey with Ph.Creative showcases the power of making employer brand activation a pull rather than a push.

By gamifying learning, ensuring high visibility, and aiming for initiatives that employees will actively enjoy, organisations can create a brand experience that not only engages employees but also stands the test of time.

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