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The AI fix that changes the rules of engagement

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Employer Branding, Career Sites

AI is here, and is going to continue to produce new opportunities for anyone canny enough to embrace it. One new AI tool is set to transform career site capabilities...

Some commentators have compared the advent of AI to the moment when the internet arrived.

Moving from an offline to online world has been transformative to the extent that it is hard for most of us to remember the time before.

But the arrival of AI technology is much bigger even than that.

Further along, the shift from dial-up to broadband was like a woodcutter going from an axe to a chainsaw. A quantum leap for sure. But AI is the end-to-end logging machine that can also do your supply chain management, financial accounts, and retirement planning all at the same time. It is so big a leap, it literally changes everything.

AI is here, it’s game changing and it’s going to continue to produce new opportunities and capabilities exponentially for anyone with the appetite and budget to embrace it.

Adopting AI on careers sites

Humans can’t think exponentially, however, so we’re already the bottleneck to thriving in this new era. Rate of adoption is the differentiator we should all be thinking about right now.

The true speed of transition within our businesses will be determined by how quickly people can learn how to use these new tools.

We’re not in a period of marginal gains or continual improvement. We’re in a space of such change, there’s almost no evolution between what was, is and what can be.

There’s one big exception to this new thinking. We need to remember what to keep, protect, increase, and build around versus what to blow up, destroy and rebuild from scratch based on new thinking.

If efficiency becomes the enemy of human experience, it fast becomes a false economy. Build around how to make your brand the most relevant, engaging, and human and you could fast become untouchable.

If, for instance, you run a careers site, it is likely that you have poured tons of time and effort (not to mention money) into attracting visitors through advertising, SEO, social media, and more.

And for what? Up to 90% of that traffic leaves without any further action or engagement. That is a lot of hard work for nothing.

Talent acquisition teams face immense pressure to fill roles quickly with quality talent that fits. Relying solely on job applications limits reach and narrows the talent pipeline. Clearly, the standard careers site approach simply isn’t cutting it anymore. Employers need to capture more information from site visitors to uncover real candidates.

AI engagement solutions

Wouldn’t you know it, like it has with so many technological challenges of late, AI technology has the solution. It is a tool called Sourcing CoPilot that can completely transform your careers site capabilities.

Created and marketed by HappyDance, it is an add-on that can identify up to 70% of your previously anonymous site visitors and connect their information directly with your CRM platform.

Instead of having those visitors disappear into the ether, you can now target them for further nurturing and conversations about job opportunities. In other words, you can dramatically expand your talent pipeline by unearthing candidates you didn’t even know were interested. It is a genuine game changer.

The beauty of Sourcing CoPilot is that it works behind the scenes without any extra lifting from your end. You simply install the tool, and it does the following:

  • Analyses browser/device data of site visitors
  • Matches information against third-party data sources
  • Identifies visitors for outreach
  • Delivers lead candidate compliant contact records directly into your CRM

With this seamless automation, you skip the manual work required to capture and manage the data. Instead, targeted, compliant records flow straight to your sales or recruitment teams who can initiate swift outreach while interest is hot.

The efficiency it creates is transformative. No more wasted marketing budget. No more missed opportunities. Just loads of quality conversations with more of the right people.

“What I love about Sourcing CoPilot is how elegantly it bridges different phases of talent acquisition that typically operate independently,” says HappyDance managing director, Jim Taylor. “Your marketing attracts an anonymous visitor, then as quick as they arrived, they are gone. Now that person can automatically trigger a recruiting workflow to continue their journey.”

It exemplifies how AI is stepping in to optimise processes and connections that humans can’t handle alone and demonstrates the massive improvements AI is bringing to recruitment and so many other business functions.

And it feels like the tip of the iceberg in terms of the intelligent applications we might see transforming enterprises in the next decade.

The efficiency of matching anonymous visitors directly with your CRM provides recruiting and fulfilment capabilities never seen before.

Those that have the vision to use such tools to elevate their brand experience at scale, will find themselves beating the competition to form a pack of unreachable brand leaders dominating the talent marketplace for many years to come.

The challenge is not whether to use AI, but how fast you can incorporate it into your business infrastructure so that you’re not left chasing that pack.

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