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The 2022 Podcast Rewind

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Employer Branding

do you wanna listen to a podcast maybe

Aside from brightening up your shower, laundry folding, workout or daily commute, podcasts have a way of energising the mind with fresh ideas. Looking to improve your leadership and broaden your listening material, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

To help you learn from the best, we’ve handpicked our top podcasts for this year, full of pearls of business wisdom and innovative employer brand insights that’ll make you want to hit replay.

1. Masters of Scale

Hosted by Reid Hoffman, Masters of Scale tackles the realities of business. From start-ups to global brands, Hoffman is joined by iconic CEOs from the likes of Netflix, Nike, and Slack to share stories of entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy and beyond. This podcast provides a deep dive into the trajectory of businesses as well and the personal journeys of some notable corporate top dogs.

masters of scale with reid hoffman

2. Pivot

Tech journalist Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway share their unfiltered takes on business, tech, and politics. The playful pair predict trends and share their opinions on the biggest news stories, whilst keeping the conversation light and banter filled. They are an entertaining duo with fascinating guests from CEOs to NFL stars and Congressmen, which makes for a lively discussion every Tuesday and Friday.

pivot hosted by kara swisher and scott galloway

3. Empowering Workplaces

Dishing out their ideas on the importance of balance between your work life and personal life, Maddie Grant and Sanja Licina share shrewd and relevant insights on all things workplace culture. They explore employee experience, organisational values, leadership in the workplace and the intertwining of work/life stresses. Keep an ear out for 2023 where the ladies will focus on empowering organisations and employees to be in a class of their own.

empowering workplaces hosts

4. The Mckinsey Podcast

The Mckinsey Company’s flagship podcast gives listeners the inside scoop on their global management firm, while hosting business and management experts to discuss strategy, tech, marketing, and the role of business today. The conversations are professional and intelligent. Simon is an educational and well-rounded host, leading dynamic conversations with specialist guests.

the mckinsey podcast

5. WorkLife with Adam Grant

This fascinating podcast gives the listener a new perspective on life in (and out) of the office. Each episode is thought provoking and delivers practical solutions to improving the workplace. Conversations between Adam and his guests are informative and help the listener feel less alone during the trials and tribulations that present themselves at work. A refreshing series that’s backed with data, statistics, and expert knowledge.

ted work-life with adam grant

6. The CX Cast

The CX Cast is a research-based guide that revolves around customer experience (CX). Forrester analysts explore relevant trends and topics in the news and within organisations with help from their CX expert guests. The conversations are thoughtful and compelling. Episode ‘287: The Metaverse Means Next Gen CX’, with David Truog, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, is a particularly thought-provoking discussion about the future of customer experience. Take a listen. You will come away with educational and actionable content to share with your peers.

the cx cast

7. Workday Podcast

The SaS platform podcast includes valuable, entertaining discussions with thought- leaders on business issues and industry trends. Workday is a leading provider of financial and human capital management which makes the listener trust in their research and insights, alongside hearing the personal journeys of the influential experts.

workday podcast

8. Scaling Culture

Ron Levitt is joined by thought leaders, from companies like Bank of America, Ford, and Microsoft. These culture shapers deliver advice and takeaways that listeners can easily implement within their organisations. It’s an impactful listen for leaders who want to improve their company culture and have 50 minutes to spare.

scaling culture with ron lorett

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