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Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series


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Seven Steps to Creating a Killer Employer Brand 



Employer Branding, Brand Authenticity

When building an employer brand for a client, we follow a seven Ds process to help determine objectives, set client expectations, and ultimately deliver a well-researched and thoughtful strategy.  

These seven steps provide the building blocks for an authentic, strategic and measurable employer brand.

1. Determine

Start with project objectives, scope, logistics, roadblocks and opportunities. Confirm key strategic requirements, understand the KPIs and create benchmarks.

2. Discover

Conduct qualitative and quantitative research from one to ones, focus groups and surveys

3. Distil

Collate all the information, distil the insights and summarise the themes from the first two phases.

4. Direct

Armed with all the necessary information create the strategy, build the big idea and define the persona profiles.

5. Develop

Time to get creative and develop the look and feel of the campaign

6. Diagnose

Focus on the KPIs to monitor the successful implementation of the campaign strategy and tactics over time. 

7. Deploy

Deploy campaigns, global and local, channel management, rhythms and routines for agile working and communications. Monitor, measure and improve based on dashboard performance. 

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