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Screen-age Kicks – how to appeal to Generation Alpha

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Employer Branding, Talent Retention

While you are thinking about how to attract your current talent audience, you might also want to concern yourself with the one coming up behind them - Generation Alpha. Here's a few things to know about these young guns...

Although you may be spending a lot of time ruminating over Generation Z, which seems to grab headlines every week with a new and interesting take on how they are willing to act in the workplace, you should already be thinking about the cohort coming up behind them.

Generation Alpha, born from 2010 to the mid-2020s (so some are yet to be born), is a demographic that has been immersed in technology and digital experiences from birth. With an estimated global population of nearly two billion individuals, the so-called ‘digital natives’ set to disrupt culture, the economy, and the workplace in ways that we haven’t yet anticipated.

If they ever get off their phones, that is.

Here’s a few things to know about Gen A.

They got skills

Half of Gen Alphas are predicted to earn a university degree (McCrindle)

They’re multiplying

2.8m of them are born each week (McCrindle)

They’re accepting

93% believe it’s important to be “accepted for who you are.” (Wunderman Thompson)

They care

66% of Gen Alphas prefer to buy from companies that make a positive difference in the world (Wunderman Thompson)

They’re trusting

25% of Gen Alphas use influencers as their main source of shopping inspiration (Wunderman Thompson)

It is important to prepare for and understand the motivations, attitudes and habits of these “screen-agers” that are soon to be entering the workforce. Failure to do so could have long reaching consequences, creating a disconnect between your organisation and the talent pool you need to attract to enable your company to move forward.

And it won’t be easy. It's predicted that 65% of Gen Alphas will work in jobs that don't even exist yet.

We've already witnessed (and continue to witness) the impact of recent and contemporary generations, such as Millennials and Gen Z, on the workforce. Many companies were caught off guard by some of their wants and needs around wellbeing, diversity and remote working to name a few, causing them to do a hand-brake turn with their employer brands and workplace cultures to attract and retain them. There exists a window of opportunity not to repeat the same mistake with Generation Alpha.

Now is the time to start assessing any gaps in your organisation and understanding the unique characteristics, values, and expectations of the soon to emerge intake. By doing so, you can proactively shape your employer brand and create an environment that resonates with Alphas, positioning your company as a destination employer of choice.

Blame the parents

One way to get a head start is to engage with the parents of Alphas who are already part of your workforce. Talk to them. Gather insights, understand their perspectives, and learn about the factors that will influence their children's career choices.

It might seem like trivial information about their viewing habits or how they talk, but it is knowledge can help build a picture that will inform your employer branding strategies and help you anticipate the needs and aspirations of your youngest candidate audience.

If you don’t know who you are talking to, how can you have a productive conversation?

Start early

Pluck talent right off the tree by partnering with schools and educational institutions. Collaborating with educators, will gain you valuable insights into the skills, challenges, and social dynamics that shape them. It can help you develop targeted initiatives and support systems to nurture and prepare Alphas for the workforce.

Every generation is influenced by the events around them in their formative years and Alphas have already witnessed destabilising events such as recessions, climate change, political upheaval and most impactful, the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of that, remote working will be entirely normal to them. They saw their parents adapt to it for months during Covid. So, how is your office-based offering going to go down with them?

It is highly likely, as portfolio careers become more popular and even the norm, that you may not even be their only employer. You might be their only focus during the 9-5 but their 5-9 could be about something entirely different. Something which they are genuinely passionate about. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal and in fact, they may crave the stability that you offer that enables them to pursue other interests and avenues.

Offer career structure

Retaining their services means offering well-structured career paths, opportunities for professional development, and a sense of belonging within a supportive community. Initiatives like corporate volunteering and employee resource groups can resonate strongly with their desire for meaningful connections.

They won’t be working exclusively with people their own age, of course. As Generation Alpha enters the workforce, we may see five distinct generations coexisting in a single workplace. Embracing that diversity and fostering intergenerational understanding will be crucial.

Initiatives such as reverse mentoring and shadow boards can bridge generational divides, promote mutual respect, and tap into the variety of ideas and experiences within your organisation.

Watch the trends

In addition, it's essential to stay attuned to the cultural movements and social dynamics shaping Generation Alpha's values and priorities. Just as social movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo influenced Gen Z's perspectives on diversity and inclusion, the real world events and issues that resonate with Alphas will shape their expectations from employers.

By getting curious about their challenges, concerns, and priorities now, you can proactively develop strategies and initiatives that address their needs in the future and show your company’s commitment to supporting and nurturing them as part of your team.

Want to know more? Download our Cheat Sheet Preparing for Generation Alpha and be ready to attract and retain Gen A talent by aligning with their values and preferences.


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