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Lights, Smartphones, Action!


Nick Moss Nick Moss



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UGC is still pretty prevalent in the online space, and it’s likely to stay that way as we navigate the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape, with official film shoots relegated to few and far between. So let’s tap into the power of UGC to share our employer brand message in the realm of online video, and keep the cameras rolling… even if it’s the selfie cameras.

Ph.Creative’s long-standing studio partners Reckless Kid will be spilling the beans on creating frankly awesome UGC in a webinar, “How to create and elevate employee generated video for talent attraction (tickets are free, get them here). But if you need a few pointers before then, Reckless Kid’s MD Nick Moss has shared some quick tips to help you avoid dull-as-dishwater UGC - and, in fact, create some content that’s pretty special.

Lights, Smartphones, Action!

Tip 1: Energise!

Energy is an important part of engagement, and a great way to achieve more energy is to stay active - so get moving! You’d never catch Steve Jobs staying still while delivering a keynote presentation. Staying active gets the blood circulating, keeps the energy flowing, and even has the added bonus of helping you relax. 

“I really like seeing people move around as they speak,” says Nick. “Any nervous energy gets channelled into movement instead of being bottled up, helping us stay more relaxed and natural.”

When filming yourself moving, remember to keep the phone steady - don’t forget that most smartphone cameras have anti-shake or steadying software in their settings, so switch this on if you can. Keep your device roughly level with your eyes - if you drop it too low, you risk inviting an extra chin into your video. And… watch where you’re going! Please don’t trip over in the name of UGC! 

Tip 2: Keep It Quick

“We all tend to say too much when we’re left to our own devices… no pun intended,” says Nick. “If it’s not a two-way conversation, we just ramble on, frightened to end the sentence or wrap it up.”

Cut the waffle and keep your message concise. If you’re saying more than one sentence, make sure to pause for breath at the period - otherwise those drawling ‘erms’ and ‘errs’ become an editing-room nightmare! Try to remember - less is more! 

Tip 3: A Splash Of Color 

They say variety is the spice of life - so why do so many people position themselves in front of a plain, boring wall to film their UGC? Magnolia walls look flat and dull - let’s keep things interesting!

“Invite us into your world,” says Nick. “Try and get some depth and variation in color behind you - find the funkiest wallpaper in your home, or head into the garden for some leafy greens. And
never sit directly in front of a window. Your camera will expose for the window, and you’ll end up being badly lit.”

Tip 4: Smile!

Okay, no, don’t force it. We’re not looking for strained “Say cheese!” smiles here. But we do want to see a glimpse of the real you. 

“As soon as we shout the word action people freeze up,” says Nick. “It all gets a bit serious and awkward. Try to relax and be your natural, happy self. Don’t be afraid to smile, or laugh. Be friendly to the people watching you through the lens.”

Tip 5: Sign Up For Our Webinar

Want more? Elevate your UGC with some cinematic magic. Join Nick and ‘Google’ Dave Hazlehurst from Ph.Creative as they discuss the best ways to create showstopping UGC that stands out from the crowd in our upcoming webinar: How to Create and Elevate Employee-Generated Video for Talent Attraction. Tickets can be found here, so book now to get your front row seats - soon to be upgraded to Director’s Chair if you take our advice to heart - and enjoy.  

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