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Crafting an Exceptional EVP: Standing Out to Top Talent

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Employer Branding

If your EVP looks and sounds like every other cookie-cutter value proposition out there, it’s not going to appeal to the stand-out, top-performing talent you are looking for.

To determine whether you have an outstanding EVP, ask yourself the following questions.

The two minute test for an outstanding EVP

1. Is it well-researched?

You would think that, at the very least, organisations would put some thorough research behind their EVPs before rolling them out. And yet, according to a WTW report, few employers are using formal listening approaches in their research. Just 31 percent conduct employee surveys and only 13 percent use focus groups.

Workshops, surveys, focus groups and one-to-ones are essential for getting to the crux of your culture and values in a way that authentically represents your workforce at all levels. Having an unbiased third-party to collect and distil the responses can be helpful to make employees feel comfortable sharing their real thoughts on the company, without fear of reprisals.

2. Is it up-to-date?

Creating an EVP that fosters a thriving work culture is not a “set it and forget it” process. It requires maintenance. It requires you making sure that the research you used to come up with it is still aligned with the current reality of the organisation. With layoffs, acquisitions and restructuring, changes are a constant in business and a 6-month-old EVP may not accurately represent your environment today.

Only 19 percent of businesses have an EVP that is both well-researched and up-to-date, so making sure you do your due diligence in these areas will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

3. Is it transparent?

Transparency is key with an outstanding value proposition. Gone are the days when making a one-way broadcast of all the strengths, benefits and opportunities of your company was enough to attract and retain top talent. And yet, this is still the basic approach of most companies.

Nowadays, people want more from work. They want a sense of purpose and recognition; they want to feel they are making a difference and they want to make sure that their values align with yours. They also want to understand what challenges and harsh realities their new role will bring and whether they have what it takes to excel.

As such, your EVP should be based on an ecosystem of values and behaviours, rather than a set of benefits.

4. Is it different?

With all the bland, samey employer brand content out there, it’s unsurprising that more than half of recruiters pinpoint that their biggest challenge is understanding how their company differs from the competition.

Unless your organisation’s values, expectations and culture are clearly laid out and baked into the DNA of your Employer Brand, and unless that information is properly shared with recruiters, how are they supposed to make your offer stand out amongst dozens of similar roles?

There is a reason there are staunch advocates for Coca Cola and die-hard Pepsi fans when the two drinks taste (be honest, now) almost exactly the same. It’s all in the branding. As you know, when consumers recognise their own values in a product’s branding, they will buy that product as a way of affirming their values and identity to the world. “I am innovative and creative, so I buy Apple laptops,” or “I’m determined and athletic, so I buy Nike trainers.” The same is true of employer branding.

To differentiate, figure out who your company is for, and not for. Lean into your challenges and the unique way you reward employees for their efforts.

The results are in...

So, how did you measure up? If you don't quite meet all the requirements for an outstanding EVP yet, don't worry. This test is designed to expose any gaps so that you can take steps to address them. It's no longer a nice-to-have - the foundation of a world-class Employer Brand starts with a transparent and authentic EVP.

If you would like to speak to one of our strategists about refreshing your EVP get in touch.

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