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How to Increase your Employer Brand Budget

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Employer Branding

While you can make a difference to your employee experience with a small budget, if you’re serious about improving your employer brand, you’d probably like more resources to work with at some stage.

To get them, you need to secure the trust of stakeholders and senior leadership.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Show your work

Firstly, you need to prove the effectiveness of the employer brand work you’ve already done by showing results and return on investment.

Make it clear and easy to digest. Highlight any progress you’ve made in the areas that resonate with senior leadership.

2. Metrics that matter

When putting in a request, be clear about what you hope to achieve and how.

Then, share your progress, keeping a close eye on important metrics such as regrettable loss and unwanted applicants.

3. Provide evidence

If you want to grow your influence internally, you need to prove the impact you're having.

Set up a monthly scorecard and share it with your manager so that they can easily forward it on to their leadership. Bosses like to see clear progress, so the easier you make it to absorb and understand, the more likely they are to forward your monthly report.

4. Be transparent

Here’s one that will go against your instincts: Don't hide what isn't working.

This might feel like admitting failure, but presenting issues you come up against can actually be a golden opportunity to request more budget to fix them.

If increasing budget will help you solve something quicker or make a bigger dent, ask for it, justify it, measure its performance and clearly demonstrate the impact.

The Result

This process is a fool-proof way to secure more resources for your employer brand project. If you repeat it over time, you’ll build up rapport with management, your credibility will increase, you’ll get management buy-in and your asks will get easier.

Need more help with your employer brand project? Don't be shy.​


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