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How to Deliver the Ultimate Employer Brand Mic Drop Moment



Employer Branding

Use these seven tips to add delight and surprise to your C-Suite employer brand presentation and achieve senior executive buy-in ...

1. Set the scene of what, why and how the employer brand work has been crafted. The ‘why’ needs to address the cultural value as well as a clear business case. Align that business case with the business priorities that are on their desks right now.

2. Share evidence of the research finding sand build up to a clear and concise snapshot of insights distilled from the work. Tell the story of the employer brand conception, including how you listened to their direction from the start. Include video footage of the research process, if you can. Authentic clips of employees and peers making some of the points and using some of the language you're about to reveal will be incredibly powerful.

3. Walk through each brand pillar, spelling out the Give and the Get of each.

4. Time to introduce a bit of drama. Take a second to compose yourself. Pause for dramatic effect, and then hit next on the slideshow, revealing your employer brand essence with a strong visual representation. Confidently deliver the line and wait. Don’t say anything. Let them speak first.

5. At this point, a CEO will probably break the silence in the room with a comment containing at least a degree of positivity. You hope. Next, the chief human resources officer (CHRO) and other C-suite execs will weigh in with further praise. Fingers crossed. It will be the best moment of the entire project cycle to date and a clear indication that you are on the way to success.

6. Once the first part has been delivered, quickly follow up with an inspirational visual snapshot of future activation activity, concepts campaigns and ideas painting a clearer picture of what's possible. The more visually stimulating and inspiring you can make this the better.

7. Accompany it with a rough timeline and project plan of how and when it can be rolled out. Mic Drop. Moonwalk out (optional).

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