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Adjusting Your Employer Brand and Knowing When to do it

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Employer Branding

Business changes fast and so do the preferences of your candidate audience, so you need to know how to make adjustments to your employer brand and employee value proposition. But how will you know when it's the right time?..

Take a look at your current employer brand and employee value proposition, if you have one. Does it seem realistic anymore? Or is it time for you to adjust?

A good way to know is to use the empathy litmus test — that is, do both of these things show your vulnerability in business? Are they a 360-degree reflection of life at your company? Do they still hold up now for you and your team?

Now is the time for you to ask these questions and update your brand with a “give and get” mindset. Maybe the brand you developed made sense a couple of years ago, but job candidates are savvier now. They’re evaluating employers under a new microscope. What they want to see is a place that values them as humans — and doesn’t sugarcoat the real culture and employee experience.

Once you’ve come up with brand and value proposition drafts, measure them based on a few yardsticks:

  • Does your employer brand close any gaps?
  • Is it specific, tangible, and focused enough to hold its own for several years?
  • Have you shared what you know about your company?
  • Will people who read your words hear your conviction and commitment?
  • Will they understand their role if they become employees?

Remember: Your employer brand is a reflection of your reputation. You want people to connect with it on some level, even if they decide their goals don’t fit with yours.

By taking time to understand employer branding and employee value propositions and then refining your own, you massively strengthen your organisation. Ph.Creative partners with employers across industries to develop world-class employer brands and employee value propositions. We also provide them with the tools they need to find the understanding necessary for employer branding success.

Find out more about one of the best of these tools — the Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Series — today so you can perfect your “give and get” approach and fuel your organisation's success.

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