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6 Amazing AI Tools That You Should Already be Using

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Employer Branding

These 6 AI tools can revolutionise your output, saving hours and unlocking new skills - rapidly generate video content, ID anonymous site visitors, rewrite job posts in seconds. Adopt now, work smarter.

In today's competitive hiring landscape, employer brand teams need to leverage technology to work efficiently. AI tools can help you save time, scale efforts, and engage talent in new ways.

Here are six game-changing AI tools you should use to take your employer brand strategy, talent attraction, and recruitment marketing to the next level.

Job Description Genie

Job Description Genie is an exciting new AI tool that breathes life into tired, outdated job posts by instantly rewriting them to align with your employer brand storytelling and EVP.

You simply paste in any existing job description and the AI handles the heavy lifting to overhaul it.

What it does:

Eliminate inconsistencies across your job posts

Rapidly refreshes job descriptions at scale

Ensures every open role reflects your employer value proposition

Great for:

Saving time – you only input your employer brand info once

Putting story structure into every job description

Job Description Genie AI tool


HeyGen uses AI to create custom video content at scale by cloning anyone's image and voice. So you can make a video of yourself talking without ever having filmed it. A-mazing.

For employer branding, it's invaluable for bringing your messages to life through video while maintaining brand consistency. You can quickly produce videos showcasing employee stories, workplace tours, leadership updates, and more.

What it does:

Creates videos instantly without production costs

Ensures videos align with your brand style

Scales video content creation across regions and languages

Great for:

Campaign launches, for rapid generation of promotional materials and social media

Management – regularly creating varied content for social media platforms to engage potential candidates

Internals comms – generating consistent and engaging communications for internal stakeholders.


A voice generation tool that integrates with HeyGen to learn your speech patterns and generate audio from text. Can even create a multilingual version in a choice of 29 languages.

What it does:

Clones your voice

Transfers large amounts of text to audio

Can create up to 30 custom voices

Great for:

Multi-lingual presentations

Creating audio books, narrating projects

ElevenLabs AI tool

Otter is an AI-powered transcription tool that generates notes from meetings, interviews, and audio.

It helps streamline research by providing shareable transcripts of, for instance, employee interviews. You can gain insights faster without manual note taking.

What it does:

Highlight talent insights more efficiently from interviews

Repurpose interview content into articles, videos, etc.

Reduce time spent on manual transcriptions

Great for:

Collecting and organising employer brand research

Capturing employee stories for activation

Recycling and leveraging older content easily tool


Midjourney is a text-to-image generator that creates royalty-free images. The AI creates images based on text prompts.

For talent attraction, you can use Midjourney to quickly mock-up unique images for social posts, career site banners, and other visual content.

What it does:

Creates on-brand images without costly photoshoots

Concept tests creative ideas before investing in production

Enhances employer brand visuals with custom AI art

Great for:

Alternative to stock photography on careers websites or social media
Offering very clear direction for employee photo shoots
Bringing concepts to life when circulating ideas internally

Midjourney AI tool

Give and Get GPT

This AI chatbot contains a vast library of employer branding knowledge you can query to validate strategies or get new ideas tailored to your brand.

It's like having your own AI employer branding consultant at your fingertips 24/7.

What it does:

Get instant strategic advice for your unique needs

Validate in-flight initiatives or brainstorm new approaches

Access the latest EVP best practices bullet-proofed for your organisation

Great for:

A helpful guide for decision-making and advice

Acting as a strategist and thinking about EB as we do

Time-saving with reports, comms and other work

Sourcing Copilot

Sourcing Copilot uses AI to identify up to 80% of previously anonymous visitors to your career site. It enriches limited traffic data to uncover visitor names, contact details, skills, and more.

You can turn career site visitors into hot leads for your sourcing team. And better understand your talent pipelines through enriched analytics.

What it does:

Uncover a brand new source of qualified talent

Feed enriched lead data straight into your CRM

Gain visibility into your true candidate audience

Great for:

Creating significantly more warm candidate leads

Identify active candidates already in your CRM to re-engage

Use insights to manage marketing spend better

Sourcing CoPilot AI tool

Leveraging the right technology is critical for employer brand success today. These cutting-edge AI tools represent game-changing solutions to help you scale efforts, gain efficiencies, tap new talent pools, and create differentiated content.

Don't settle for manual processes that drain your time and limit your reach. Work smarter, not harder, and rapidly move your employer brand forward with the help of AI.

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