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Helping Customers Achieve Goals Quickly and Smoothly

When a visitor arrives at your website, they're usually looking for something specific. If they find a clunky, hard-to-navigate site and struggle to find what they need, they'll leave for good. Our experts will ensure your customers find exactly what they need, fast and easily.

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Understanding Interaction

When we build or re-design websites we take time to understand how your users will interact with your site and ensure visitors will be able to complete tasks simply and successfully. This is known as User Interface (UI). We can define user experience, implement usability testing, optimise navigation and apply our best practice knowledge to improve user experience and increase conversions.


Focus On The Experience

UI has little meaning without User Experience (UX). UX is all about generating emotion in your users through design and functionality. We will ensure your website is the best it can be for the target user group, make it visually appealing and structurally attractive. We'll exceed user expectations and ensure your site's aesthetics and ease of use generates recommendations, increasing traffic.


Creating Customer Memories

Consistency is key in UI/UX. We'll design a memorable site so users can easily learn where to find what they need, encouraging repeat visits and recommendations. We'll apply robust information architecture, maintaining space and hierarchy so the design is easy to scan, supporting usability and findability. Above all, we'll make using your site a successful experience which your customers won't forget.


Utilising industry best practice, we streamline the user experience so that users can achieve their goals in as short a time as possible.

Approaching the user experience from a mobile first standpoint allows us to ensure the experience is flexible and consistent across devices so that all users receive the same experience and therefore capitalise on the expanding mobile and tablet usage.

In addition, we analyse any existing data available from analytics and heat mapping so that clearly defined and successful user paths are maintained and enhanced in the new site. After a period of analysis and reflection, a set of wireframes and sketches are produced which outline what shape the new site or app will take, putting in place a strong structure and visual hierarchy that reflects our research and findings. Once signed off our design team pick up the baton and turn the vision into a reality


Workshop - What do users want? Who are our users? What motivates them to use us?

Audit - What exists currently? How effective is it?

Analysis – What does the research show? How can we include the findings? 


Initial Ideas - Rough sketches to get ideas down on paper

Paper Prototypes - Test the ideas out and see what works, findings which will inform the next version 

Refinement - Further tightening the ideas. Do they meet our targets or our objectives?

Develop and Test

Further Iteration - More user testing and development to ensure it works

Review – Continually review and iterate the design to ensure it's the best it possibly can be

User Testing – Test the paper prototype with selected users to see how well it works


Digital Prototype – Create a digital prototype

Ask - How does it work on devices?

Go Live

Let it Live – We release it into the wild and test it further to sort out any bugs out and refine the interaction further


Refinement - refine the next version through our findings

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