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Helping you grow your follower base

Through the power of Twitter promoted accounts management and market research we can help your brand touch the timelines of those most likely to follow your account creating the most effective cost per engagement (ECPE).

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Researching Your Target Audience

We establish your social media needs as a business and research your ideal target audience. Our social media executives tailor your strategy to the interests of your existing clients and prospects. ). Your Twitter promoted accounts will be displayed in multiple locations across the Twitter platform, including home timelines, who to follow, and search results.


Complete Set Up of Campaigns

Our in house team manage your campaign right from the start. They take control of your Twitter account and build up your follower base with people who are likely to be interested in your brand, making sure that all content is optimised for mobile viewing so as to ensure correct viewing on all devices.


Manage Longevity and Results

We gather and collate the results of all campaigns that are completed and analyse their success. Twitter promoted tweets management is a much more effective use of the channel rather than just depending on organic management of the channel. We get your channel in front of your prospective clients and target audience.


We manage your Twitter account and achieve the best possible results.

We manage your campaigns right from inception to completion, whether you have a question or are unsure of anything; we are on hand every step of the way. We agree measureable KPIs that can be collated and evaluated so we can see success of each of your campaign.

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