Mobile Marketing

Responding To Your Changing Audience

More than 50% of people now access the internet via a mobile device and that number is growing each day. If your website is not mobile responsive, you could be missing out on conversion opportunities and draining sales revenue or valuable leads away from your business.

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Making Your Site Mobile Responsive

If your website is not yet responsive, now is the time to act. Over 90% of businesses currently don't have a website capable of displaying information correctly for this traffic, so you could be capturing and capitalising on the opportunities that your competition is currently passing up. Watch our Ph.Responsive demo to see how Responsive Design can benefit your business.


Mobile First Is The Future

We recommend adopting a mobile first approach - identifying core content, focusing on functionality and building or re-designing your website to automatically respond to user preferences. This eliminates the need for a different design and development phase for each new gadget on the market and it will mean you maximise the chances of your audience engaging with your brand.


Generating Return On Investment

In order to deliver return on investment (ROI) mobile responsiveness must be pursued with a specific business purpose, rather than simply jumping on the bandwagon. As well as responsive design, we can create digital strategies to support your mobile site and provide robust reporting of results so you can see how your mobile site is supporting your business goals.


In order to carry out a successful mobile marketing campaign, we carry out research into your target audience and how it currently uses mobile devices.

By looking into analytics we can see the interaction on your site and how this compares to the more traditional approach of desktop marketing. Mobile marketing enables your customers to have time and location sensitive and sometimes personalised information which promotes goods, services and ideas.

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