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Future of social media

A lot of online conversations lack context. It’s all too easy to forget that behind every social media profile is a living breathing human being with needs and unique interests.

Marketing Automation

If you’re looking to really hit the ground running with your inbound marketing strategy, you’re probably planning the best way to manage all the platforms you’ll be utilising. It can be a difficult task managing social channels, blogs and website traffic across multiple platforms and one that usually proves a challenge for even the most skilled of marketers.

Brand Values Guidelines

The most important starting point for any brand looking for scalable success online is to define their brand values. In order to do this, you need to establish your cause, or your ‘why’. Your ‘why’ should be your core brand value and should be carried through all of your content/messaging.

Creating your own content matrix

A content matrix is one of the most valuable tools any marketer can have in their armoury. By plotting your content, you’re forced to consider the most fundamental concepts of your content strategy and then organise your time and budget around them.

Content Matrix Template Download

To help you implement the ideas and advice in Chapters 5 and 6 of Getting Goosebumps, we've created a content matrix template. Download it and you'll be planning, creating, scheduling and sharing great content in next to no time.

GDPR Overview

This is an overview on complying with the new GDPR legislation and on how we can help your business in this process. Complete the form to download the resource.