#43 The Simplicity of Storytelling with John Yorke

The Simplicity of Storytelling with John Yorke

On this weeks episode of Getting Goosebumps, I chat to storytelling expert, TV writer and producer John Yorke. Founder of the BBC Writer’s Academy, John is also the author of the ultimate storytelling book: Into the Woods: How Stories Work and Why We Tell Them. 

Breaking stories down

Does every story have the same elements? John Yorke takes us through the power of the inciting incident for storytelling, guiding us through the Hero’s Journey through a look at films such as Jaws for real insight. 

Stories and politics 

We delve into storytelling and politics, thinking about the strategy politicians used throughout the Brexit debate. How does this relate to building a fictional story and believable characters? John explains why it's much easier to tell stories when there is a clear enemy and tangible argument in place. Widepsread stories require simplicity and clarity. 

Business storytelling

Looking specifically at business, John shares his thoughts on leading brands such as Airbnb, and Innocent, discussing the effectivity of a simple goal, a consistent tone of voice and of course, genuine belief in your product or character.