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Great story-telling is at the centre of Ph.Creative’s philosophy. It was also the foundation of our best-selling book Getting Goosebumps. I wanted to take this a step further, delve deeper into the power of storytelling and hear the thoughts of my favourite marketing experts. So far, the podcast has featured guests such as Seth Godin, Robert Mckee, Brian Clark, Michael Hauge and Gary Vaynerchuk. 

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Getting Goosebumps Podcast: Episode 47

#47 Doing the right thing by your customer with Jay Baer

Doing the right thing by your customer with Jay Baer.

On this week’s episode of Getting Goosebumps, I have the chance to chat with master marketer, NY Times bestselling author and keynote speaker Jay Baer.

Jay is president of social media and content consultancy Convince & Convert. He has founded five companies and had worked with a range of renowned brands such as Sony, Nike and The United Nations. He’s been named the third most influential social media blog in the world by Social Media Examiner.

Hear what Jay has to say about embracing complaints, making the voice of the customer your consistent touch point and a surprising opinion on the role that empathy plays when it comes to brands.

Learn from the negatives

Embracing, even welcoming, negative feedback and complaints is key to Jay’s advice. Learn how ignoring complaints – especially in public domains such as social media – could be lethal to your reputation and how to start ‘hugging your haters’.

How the voice of the customer has transformed brand communication

Brands have suffered from having many different internal voices emerging from different departments. This results in a lack of consistency. But it’s your customers’ and candidates’ voices that really serve to bring a much needed consistency across all of your communications.

Brands don’t have feelings, people do

Learn Jay’s opinion on brands with empathy and why trusting your employees to do the right thing by your customers is the only way to generate authentic compassion. It’s all about people talking to people.